Sun in Pisces – Why Should We Let Our Soul Lead Our Way and How to Do That? 

February 25, 2023

Something big is in the air. Next week Saturn will end its two and a half years in Aquarius and will enter Pisces. This will initiate a new collective cycle of Pisces, so we should better understand its lessons.

Pisces is the side in us that seeks connection with our own soul, as well as soul connections with others.

A soul is a big word. Like love. Like God. What is it exactly? Where can we find it? How can we identify it?

When it comes to Pisces, and the soul, there are no clear answers. Our soul manifests itself in many subtle ways. We can connect with our souls through yoga and meditation, love making, dreams, spending time in nature, altered states of consciousness and the most mundane experiences.

If it’s so hard to grasp, why do we even need to make the effort?

My teacher, Debra Silverman, says that the whole purpose of astrology readings is to connect with our souls so that we let our souls lead our way.

The soul has a council which includes other aspects of our being such as the ego, our mind, our heart, our psychology, and our body.  

In the best-case scenario, the soul listens to the needs and wants of all council members, consider them with compassion and love, and decides how to steer the ship of our lives.

Why should we let our soul lead the way?

The soul in a fraction of the divine within us. It is old and wise. It knows where it came from, and where it’s going. It is connected with the vastness of the universe, to the highest intelligence that wants us to evolve, not just as individuals but also as a collective.

When you let the eternal wisdom of the soul lead your way, it will always take you to great places as long as you stay grounded.

Our soul chose to come to this world in a human form. It came here to learn to work with all the aspects of the human condition. Every lifetime there is an emphasis on the specific aspects it came to master. We can see these aspects in our birth charts.

The soul came here to be in service to others. The soul feels most content when it helps others develop love, peace, kindness, and compassion.

I don’t know why there is so much hatred in the world. I don’t know why it is so hard for us to love ourselves. Why do we criticize and judge ourselves so harshly. Is it a part of our human condition or is it something we learned from previous generations?

I do know that it is something we can work with. When we learn to see ourselves and others through the eyes of the soul, magic happens. In the soulful level, we are all one, we are all the same and we are all loved, just the way we are.

A long time ago, on an altered state of consciousness, I saw myself as a huge entity. The real me was a token on a monopoly board. It was clear that in my ordinary perception, I identified with my monopoly token, and that this perception was limiting and reducing me. I felt the vastness of my being a soul, without limitations. Life felt so beautiful. The world was humming the sound of Om, and I danced to it. All my worries and pains seemed like a part of a monopoly game. I realized that there was nothing I could not deal with.

While this perception supported me greatly, it is dangerous to live solely through it, because it is not the only reality. Life is vast and beautiful, but it is also harsh.  

As an Israeli, I experience much pain with what is going on in my country these days. My friends are all suffering under the viciousness of the new regime that aims to turn the country into a dark, religious, racist, dictatorship. The war in Ukraine has been going on for a whole year now. Mass shootings in the US are more frequent and terrifying than ever. There is so much injustice and racism everywhere. Climate change is a real threat while many keep damaging our world for their own egocentric agendas.

The magic happens when we learn to be present with both realities. The enlightened soulful reality and the groundedness of our daily lives.

In the low road, Pisces wants to escape reality. The harshness of reality is just too much for her sensitivity. She wants to go to altered states of consciousness and be remined again and again of who she really is.

But we cannot dismiss reality. The high road of Pisces is to do everything in her power to fight injustice while holding on to the love and compassion of the soul.

Jupiter conjunct Venus on March 1 will magnify our ability to love and bring more harmony to the harshness of the world.

Saturn entering Pisces next week will make us connect with our souls. You can read more about it here.

This week, ask yourself:

  • Do I feel connected with my soul?
  • If not, what can I do to get closer to it?
  • Am I connected with my soul in a way that leads to escapism?
  • If so, how can I get more grounded?
  • Do I let my soul lead my way?

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More Detailed Information About This Week’s Astrology:

    • Sunday, February 26, moon enters Gemini. Last day of sun conjunct Saturn.
    • Monday, February 27 sun square Mars throughout the rest of the week.
    • Tuesday, February 28, moon enters Cancer.
    • Wednesday, March 1, Venus conjunct Jupiter same degree.
    • Thursday, March 2, Mercury enters Pisces.
    • Friday, March 3, moon enters Leo.

Have a wonderful week,

With love,


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