My Approach to Astrology

“Through understanding the whole thing, we begin to trust our world, to realize that there is no such thing as a cosmic conspiracy. The world is a kind world, a rational world, there is no joke involved.”
Chogyam Trugpa, The Lion's Roar
With my teacher, Debra Silverman on my Applied Astrology Level 3 Graduation in Zurich, Aug 2019

It was 2009. I was traveling in Kasar Devi, India when I read these lines for the first time and it hit me – till then I had held a strong inner belief that the world was not on my side. It took me years to learn to trust my world. As an astrologer, I believe that the planets support us. That the challenges we face are meant to wake us up and help us evolve. This is a huge thing.

When you read some astrological interpretations, you might feel like you are doomed for having challenging aspects in your natal chart. Believe me, I got them all! The truth is, that my most successful, fulfilled patients, have the most challenging charts. My astrology practice will give you an empowering perspective on yourself and your life story. Your will learn to know your authentic self, your gifts, and your challenges. I will guide you on your path towards growth and evolution. I will explain you the work you need to do to realize yourself and manifest your dreams.

Through the connection with the stars, you will learn that there is a good reason for everything that you are.

When acting out of self-understanding and awareness, you can better express your deep authentic being. As a result, positive people and circumstances are drawn into your life.

I believe that we all came to this world to learn the meaning of being a human. A great part of being a human is relationships. We are social creatures; we need to feel loved from the moment we are born to the day we die. I love to understand the psychology and dynamic of relationships. I’d love to help you bring more harmony into your relationships, or figure things out with complicated relationships. And not only romantic relationships! I help bring clarity and understanding for parents facing challenges with children of all ages, and guide parents on how to better understand and support their children in the journey of life.

For the last thirty years of my life, I’ve been studying, practicing, and teaching Yoga and Buddhism. Even though I am a Western astrologer and not a Vedic astrologer, my approach to life and to astrology, is rooted in my interpretation of these eastern practices.

My astrology is not deterministic. It reveals your inner forces, so that you can work with them. Once you are aware of the forces at work, the power they have over you diminishes. You have the opportunity to bring inner balance and to strengthen your weaknesses. Instead of being blindly controlled by the forces within, you take hold of the reins and can navigate your life.

I strongly oppose divination. Beyond the issues of self-fulfilling prophecies, knowing the future often does not help. When I was single, a tarot reader told me that I was going to meet the love of my life on a planned trip. During the three months of my journey, every man who stared in my direction became a potential life partner. Needless to say, it ruined my chances of creating any authentic relationship. I got back home as single as I was before. I believe the key to the future is in your hands. Work to be the most authentic version of yourself, and see how your dreams turn into reality. 

I Look forward to meeting and working together towards realizing your dreams and aspirations.

With love,