I'd love to get to know you, but first, let me tell you my story

Hi, my name is Yael Terramel Weisbach and I am a Debra Silverman Certified Astrologer, but this wasn’t always the case.

Even though I have been fascinated by astrology since childhood, my early life’s hardships drove me to seek financial security through accounting and economics studies.

For twelve years I led a successful financial career, but my spirit was not content. I continuously searched for answers in Buddhism, occultism, meditation practice, and yoga.


 In 2009 I left the comfort zone of the financial world and started teaching yoga. I co-owned a yoga studio with my esteemed teacher Eyal Chehanowski.

I became a close friend and assistant of Maty Ezraty, a worldwide yoga leader. My heart still aches with sadness for her early departure from this world. 

I completed a teacher training with the renowned yogi and philosopher Richard Freeman. I took meditation retreats at Spirit Rock.

I was happy and fulfilled in so many ways. At the same time, I was totally broke. I was reaching my forties realizing I might not have children. I knew I could be content on my own, and yet, something big was missing.   

In 2013, I met the famous astrologer Debra Silverman, for an in-person astrology reading. I was astonished by the magnitude of this encounter. Debra helped me see my life story in a whole new perspective. She allowed me to understand my pain and hardships in a constructive way. She showed me my gifts and challenges.

After meeting Debra, I could finally stop trying to be the Yael I thought I should be. I learned to accept and love my own unique special self. Debra became my teacher. 

Not surprisingly, right after seeing Debra, I met my soulmate, Adam. We had three hard years trying to conceive, and I went through three miscarriages. But in 2017, when I was forty-three, our beloved son Eden was born.

Overjoyed with the manifestation of my long-desired motherhood, I took a two-years break from work to stay at home with my son. At the end of this magical period, I completed my astrology studies at Debra’s school and in 2019 became a full-time astrologer. 

For many years I’ve dreamt of living in a city of likeminded people, embraced in nature and surrounded by green mountains. In 2021, this dream finally came true, when I left my homeland, Israel, and moved to live with my family in Asheville, NC. Being here is a huge gift for which I am very grateful. 

As an astrologer, I help my clients understand themselves better, love themselves, and live the life they want. It’s not a life without pain, challenges, or difficulties. Astrology gives us the means to grow through our hardships. 

I’ve always loved teaching. I used to teach finance, then yoga and meditation. Today I teach astrology. I do both online and in-person workshops.

Every day I experience the magic and accuracy of astrology. I witness the strong positive changes in the lives of my patients. I am grateful beyond words for the privilege to be myself each day, the privilege to be an astrologer.  

I hope to get to meet you soon and work together to fulfill your dreams.

With love,