Astrology Readings

You were born with a map leading to your own personal treasure.
This map is your birth chart.
I invite you to a chart reading that will help you find the way to your life’s treasure.

Not sure which reading is the right for you? Not sure if I am the right astrologer for you? Not convinced that this will be a great investment? Want to understand better what you can get out of it? I invite you to schedule a FREE 10 MINUTES SESSION to get all your questions answered. 

First Astrology Reading
Meeting Length: 50 min
Let’s open your self-research lab for self love and empowerment. Choose a general reading or focus on a specific topic.
$ 225
Follow Up Sessions
Meeting Length: 60 min
Come every year or whenever you feel like, to deepen the process and get updated with current influences.
$ 180
Career Purpose Reading
Meeting Length: 30 min
This is a focused reading that will guide you towards your career fulfillment and success.
$ 120
Current Influences Reading
Meeting Length: 30 min
This is a follow up reading for returning clients, focused on current and future influences.
$ 120
Relationship Chart Reading
Meeting Length: 90 min
Bring harmony and deepen your connection through understanding the gifts and challenges of your relationship.
$ 300
Chart Reading & Written Report
Meeting Length: 75 min
A personal written report will allow you to return to your reading whenever you need it for insights and clarifications.
$ 280
Child's Chart Reading
Meeting Length: 30 min
Read your child's charts to know how to support her/him best. Applied to children up to twelve years old.
$ 120
E-Gift Card
Meeting Length: 50 min
Give your loved ones a meaningful, sustainable and eco-friendly gift that will remain with them for life.
$ 225