I love my clients! Here's what they say about their astrology reading experience with me:

It has been few months since my meeting with Yael and I am still excited about it. I felt that long lasting life dilemmas were solved in this meeting. Even though I am a relatively conscious person (at least that’s what I think :)) my chart reading with Yael gave me a deeper understanding of certain life choices. In addition, I am now well equipped for future decision-making at life’s crossroads. I highly recommend a chart reading with Yael, as she possesses psychological strength and depth. This meeting is not about “what does my horoscope say about the coming year?” It is a soulful reading that provides self-understanding, as well as astrological tips for this big game called life.
Yael is a remarkably gifted writer, transformational astrologer, and eloquent teacher of astrology. I am Melinda Janicki, and my journey with Yael has been nothing short of extraordinary. From the very first interaction, Yael’s depth of knowledge and passion for astrology was evident. Her writing is not just informative; it’s a beautiful tapestry of words that captures the essence of the celestial dance in a way that is both accessible and deeply moving. Yael has a rare talent for translating complex astrological concepts into meaningful, personal insights. Her guidance is not just about understanding the stars, but about unlocking a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s place in the universe. What truly sets Yael apart, however, is her unwavering integrity and work ethic. In an industry where authenticity is key, Yael stands as a beacon of truth and dedication. Her commitment to her craft and her clients is evident in every session, every class, and every piece of writing she produces. This integrity, coupled with her profound knowledge, makes her not just a consultant but a trusted guide in the journey of self-discovery and personal growth. I wholeheartedly recommend Yael to anyone seeking guidance, clarity, or a deeper understanding of astrology. Whether you are new to the world of astrology or a seasoned enthusiast, Yael’s readings and teachings are an invaluable resource.
I can't tell you how happy I am that I sat and talked with Yael. I'm not sure I've ever in my life felt so motivated to just go for the things that I really enjoy and take them to the next level. I've doubted myself for so long. If I hadn't known anything about astrology, I would have thought Yael was using psychic powers to know about my life. The encouragement and knowledge I felt from Yael was invaluable. I've been dragging my feet on a particular project here, completely confused about making a career decision there, and I now feel such a wonderful sense of clarity and understanding. This was SO worth it and I thank all of you for your time!
My reading with Yael was life changing and helped me move through some deep rooted, heavy hitting emotions that were holding me back. Her insightful and intuitive interpretation of my chart validated aspects of my life I desperately needed to understand in the way she conveyed them to me which allowed me to shift away from anger and blame to an empowered place of inspiration. Our time together talking about the aspects in my chart gave me many gifts that have motivated me to take back control of the direction of my life and my purpose this time around, and finally leave the past behind. I am so grateful for all that I received from my reading.
Yael gave me a beautiful and insightful chart reading about my career. Yael was very positive, uplifting, kind and compassionate. Yael very clearly gave me multiple career paths in line with my chart. This reading clarified my purpose and how I could be of service to others. My reading came right through Yael's BIG heart. I felt very comfortable with Yael. She was able to clearly point out exactly what I need to work on for growth. It is quite apparent Yael thoroughly LOVES to do astrology readings. I feel blessed that I found Yael! I feel she guided me on a path to my purpose in life! Thank you Yael!
Adrienne Marino
Business Owner
After seeing Yael's talk, From Childhood to Fulfillments According to Astrology, on the Positive Shift Summit recently, I was so fascinated that I booked a session with her as soon as I can. I was blown away by Yael's amazing insights into my chart and how the universe's energy is manifesting in my life path so far. I was most thankful to Yael for creating a safe and caring space for deep introspection. Her written report is very comprehensive which is useful for ongoing personal development. I would highly recommend Yael to anyone who's interested in knowing themselves and/or their loved ones more through astrology. Thank you so much, Yael!
The chart reading with Yael is a beautiful process of reflection and empowerment. With gentle and intelligent understanding of the chart, Yael nicely helped me open up to information that is essential for healing and solving life's difficulties and struggles. After the reading, I find myself going deeper into my unconscious habits, equipped with useful tools for improving life situations. I highly recommend a session with Yael for those who are interested in a smart advice and panoramic view. It is a life changing experience.
First, let me start off by saying I have never had an astrology reading. I dabbled in free astrology readings from different websites, only ever scrapping the surface. What I found was nothing compared to having a kind, compassionate, professional break it down for me.Yael’s knowledge base pours from her heart and I could instantly tell I was in the right place. I couldn’t have felt more comfortable, seen and understood. This reading gave me clarity in where I am going and more importantly what I need to work on to get there. I am so grateful to have been led to Yael, this will be the first of many readings.
Shannon Block Whitcher
Life Coach
As a general skeptic concerning most areas of metaphysics, I was quite inspired by the wisdom, nuances, and careful research throughout Yael's compatibility chart she created before I got married to my spouse just recently. I found meticulous attention and a carefully devised system for answering the most difficult question in love: how can I support my partner and know when I need to be supported? My fiance and I read through the chart separately and then together, and through it, rediscovered the triumphs, joys, and challenges we will be eager to take on for years to come. Thank you Yael for your heart, insight, and profound understanding of the human spirit!.
I have had two astrological readings with Yael so far. I know for sure, that consulting with her will be a lifelong relationship. She has helped uncover aspects of myself and navigate difficult and painful situations in my life. She helped me gain a very new perspective at my life choices and giving me very insightful feedback as to what I could look out for in the near future. Yael is a very good astrologer, not only is she very insightful astrologically, she also has a very strong intuitive side, she can really pick up upon subtle undercurrents that pull and push ones destination. I can only recommend working with her.
Yael started as a client of mine then I turned into a client of hers! My astrology reading gave me so much insight into what makes me... ME! She was spot on regarding EVERYTHING! It was such a powerful experience!!!! HIGHLY recommend!!!
Yael was outstanding. She has a real talent in combining astrology with her natural abilities to read people. The reading was so insightful, spiritual, but at the same time so very grounded. She gave me some work to do.. and I’m on it! Go for it, it’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself.
Rani Bar Segev
Writer and Illustrator
Reading my chart analysis with Yael has offered me new insights into my life. I came with no expectations, and was positively surprised by the clear vision and guidance I received, at a time when I absolutely needed it. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get a new understanding of the past and present in order to be able to fulfill their true potential.
Roni Dagan
CEO and Co-founder of Forabillis B2B Marketing
Yael is amazing. She is sharp, sensitive, thorough, clear and pleasant. Thanks to our reading I could see my main life processes and lessons. I could be proud that I was on the right track, and could understand, in a very clear and pragmatic way, what can support me on my path. In general, I learn a lot from Yael! Thank you.
I love Astrology and love Yael's insight and approach! She is profoundly gifted and knowledgeable. I’ve found her readings and weekly social media lives especially uplifting. Her ability to explain the planetary influences and reflecting chart aspects is a practical and inspiring guidance, both the big picture and personal day to day life. She is amazing to work with, most recommended!
I was in a consultation session with Yael for my birthday. It was an exciting, positive, enriching, and enlightening experience. Yael gave me an encompassing overview and clarified lots of things. On top of it, Yael is amazing. She induces a positive pleasant atmosphere. Every time I see her, I feel at home. Thank you for everything!
Michal Yom Tov
Administrative Manager
I know nothing about the influence of the planets and their paths. I never check my daily horoscope. But Yael presented me with a complexed chart and clarified some aspects of my business behavioral patterns. When I raised a personal issue, Yael formed a surprising sentence. I do not know how she could have reached this conclusion, but it gave me a brilliant insight on the way I conducted all my relationships, business and personal. I thank Yael for this enlightening perception. If it is indeed the movement of the planets that teaches her about the depth of our being, it is a blessing that she gained this knowledge, with all its complexities. With love and gratitude.
I'm delighted to share my experience with Yael, my incredible astrologist whose guidance has truly transformed my life. Before discovering Yael just a year ago, I had ventured into astrology readings with various practitioners, but it wasn't until I connected with her that I experienced deeper revelations which has led to a deep peace in my life. What sets Yael apart is her ability to not only reveal insights from my chart but also to empower and inspire me with each revelation. She explains the intricacies of astrology in a digestible way while also offering loving and compassionate insight and guidance. While many may offer to interpret an astrology chart, a session with Yael is a full therapeutic experience! She has a true gift. With Yael's guidance, I've felt truly seen, understood, and most importantly, empowered to navigate life's challenges with newfound clarity and confidence. In the last year I have been navigating some of the biggest challenges and losses i've ever faced and Yael has been the softest place to land. Her wisdom reverberates in my mind long after our sessions end, serving as a constant source of solace and inspiration. Before Yael, there were parts of my chart that scared me, like my Saturn placement, and she has helped me see the gifts in all of the even so-called challenges presented in my chart. She has taught me that we can turn our biggest challenges into our greatest gifts and I repeat that mantra in my mind daily since working with her. Yael's profound insights, coupled with her compassionate approach to astrology, have illuminated my path and brought me an immense sense of peace and acceptance in my life. I am endlessly grateful for the transformative journey I've embarked on with Yael, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking profound insights and guidance through the lens of astrology.
I first learnt about Yael when listening to a podcast and was completely blown away by her wealth of knowledge, warm energy and practicality with respect to astrology. From this, I knew I had to have an astrology reading with her and I was not disappointed. My reading with Yael was incredibly insightful and confirmed so much about myself through my chart to which Yael explained so eloquently. It felt like speaking with an old friend who really saw and understood me as well as igniting my own interest in astrology. I’m so glad to have found my own astrologer who I can turn to for guidance and support.
Lauren Muraca
Yael was AMAZING! Some that she talked about I knew about myself and it was nice to see the confirmation of the chart in my life. What she did though, was to hep me understand the areas where I'm not living up to my most authentic self and that information was priceless. Thank you, Yael!
Deborah Vogel
Movement Analyst/Neuromuscular Educator
Firstly I met Yael when I studied with her at Debra Silverman Astrology. I just loved her enthusiasm and knowledge and natural ability to zone in and cut to the chase. Then I had a reading last week and she clarified so much and weeded through all my gunk in the most positive way. She gave me important information that is crucial to my health. If I didn't know it, I would be wondering about my choices, but because Jupiter is transiting in my 6th house of health for nearly a year and just started July 4th, I will have great luck in whatever modalities I choose. What a relief!!!! I saw all my negativity and resistance come up that doesn't serve me one bit. I'm so glad I got to listen to the replay. I see what I need to change about myself. Yael helped me see it, and gave me constructive instructions how to move my fear out of my body. She's a very special and talented woman, whom I admire, treasure and love dearly. I appreciate and value her time, compassion and instincts. I'm feeling better already!
Symie Dahut
Actress and Artist
My reading with Yael was transformative. The only way to describe how I felt afterwards, was that she really "saw" ME. The real me. Her guidance shifted some old narratives that I've told myself, as well as my perspective of what I can embody and become moving forward. What I learned during this reading ended up being a catalyst for change! I've already started making progress in a couple of "stuck" areas of my life. Yael is kind and supportive, and I got so much more out of this reading than I anticipated. Very grateful for the experience!
I wasn't sure what to expect from an astrology reading with someone I have never met, but Yael exceeded my expectations. She was so warm and loving in her delivery and I think Debra did a really good job of pairing us. There was never an awkward moment and I really learned a lot about myself and things I can focus on moving forward to improve.
Michelle Pomerantz
Impact Entrepreneur
Yael had amazing insight, was very easy to work with and while I confirmed a lot about myself- I also learned a lot that will be helpful in my future growth. Yael clearly spent a lot of time gaining insight into my chart prior to our meeting and gave me a lot of things to ponder while offering valuable wisdom. She had great suggestions for daily things I could do to work with my attributes for positive growth. I highly recommend Yael to anyone interested in gaining insight and deciphering their birth chart and how that impacts their current life path. I look forward to working with her again in the future.
Today I had my first reading with Yael Terramel Weisbach aka YaelAstrology. It was AMAZING! Going into it I thought it might be a kind of general overview of my chart going through each placement, but it totally wasn't. Yael had obviously studied/researched my chart thoroughly and identified the key aspects that stood out to her and really focused on that. She gave me very specific things to think about and work on as I'm approaching several major transitions affecting the huge amount of Aries/fire in my chart 🙂 Her personality is lovely and her presence is calming and positive. Yael got me so motivated to take advantage of the next few years that I started working on things she suggested today! I'm really looking forward to my next session with Yael.
As someone who has found astrology a bit hit or miss, I was blown away by Yael's reading. She managed to touch upon every single issue or area of growth in my life. She was even able to provide insight into my past. I felt comfortable and open with her, like a good friend. Highly recommend, especially for those curious but skeptical like me!
My astrology reading with Yael made sense of my life story. Everything fell into place and gave me permission to be my authentic self. It gave legitimation to all the aspects of my personality. It showed me aspects of my personality that required more of my attention. It explained how different events in my life led me to where I am today. Yael is wonderful, precise, and sensitive. She speaks a language I can understand and relate to. Reading with her is a life changing experience. Thank you!
Tali Vasserman
Yael is amazing, our whole family works with her. Yael's readings are deep, accurate and empowering. They provide a broader perspective to life, one that allows us to connect to the personal potential and direction of each one of us.I often return to our reading to draw strength and proportion.Yael conveys the wisdom of the heavens clearly and sensitively. She makes sure to emphasize the positive.We are so lucky to have her!
Shefi Karni Nestle
Certified Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Yoga Teacher
Even three months after my chart reading with Yael, her words still echo in my head and in my heart. Thanks to this reading I realized that everything I thought and felt throughout the years had a good reason. Yael gave me the assurance that I was on the right path. She helped me fine tune and bring clarity to my choices. Yael was attentive and pleasant. She surprised me with the level of accuracy in which she read me through my chart. The recording and written report she sent are a great bonus that allows me to go back to the reading easily. I warmly recommend a reading with Yael to whoever wants to deepen her life experience and personal journey.
Adi Sharabi
Pilates Teacher
I scheduled a meeting with Yael. We set in her magical room. We met eye to eye. Then she started telling me about my natal chart. She saw things as they are, with no judgment. Her way of allowing me to see myself with eyes wide open through the chart was so interesting, wise, opening. This chart walks with me, it guides me on every crossroad. Yael, thank you! I recommend seeing Yael from the bottom of my heart. In any crossroad. To meet yourself. To increase your self-love.
Thank you so much for this gift that you have given me. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the pennies dropping.
Moran Levin
Senior HR Manager & Poet​
It was very important for Yael to give me coherent messages and to make sure I understood her well. I got out of my astrology reading with knowledge on the planet’s influence on my personality and my behavioral patterns. I felt in a protected space. I was provided with expanded perception of my life’s events. Thank you.
Maya Zamir Arditi
Writer, Producer, Content Manager
Based on my personal and recent experience, I strongly recommend an astrology reading with Yael. I am still in the process of internalizing the vast knowledge and insights you reveled to me. The time of our meeting was no less than sacred.
Carmel Kolton
Yael is a good witch and a heavenly magician. If you only allow her, she will take you by the hand to a depth and revelation journey between the stars and the planets. She will do so with love, attentiveness, professionalism, and endless patience. Without determining or fixating, with openness to whatever exists and whatever comes up. The astrology world will become your close friend and a guiding teacher at any time.  This is how I perceive my astrology reading and my astrology studies with Yael. I strongly recommend it to whoever feels the calling.
Michal Binyamin
Yoga Teacher