A Special Recommendation

After a week of mourning and crying over the death of my friend, as my annual writing workshops were coming to an end and my evenings were filled with personal encounters, speeches, closures, and little goodbyes, I reopened the astrology chart report Yael had made for me a few months earlier. It was as though as I were in a foreign city, searching for the sign saying, “you are here.”

What a precious gift she gave me with this chart. I sat and read the dense pages as if I were flipping through a story. My life story. I felt compassion towards myself. I understood myself. I loved myself. I thought to myself that all in all, I’m cute. That we’re all cute. Little creatures whose bodies are made of dust from the stars that exploded in our galaxy, and whose souls might be made of stardust too, are now wondering how it could be that the state of the stars in the sky affects us at all.

What else would affect us if not the stars??

Then I checked Yael’s Facebook group and found that Mercury was just about to retrograde. There are stigmas around it, Mercury retrogrades. But you should examine it in relation to your chart. In relation to the sign that was above your head at the moment of birth. In relation to your rising sign.

And suddenly I knew. Not only where I was amid all the chaos of the big and small farewells. I also knew exactly what I felt like doing. What felt starry and shiny to me. That night, I think I had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. 

In the morning, I felt like giving all my friends a chart reading as a gift. Well, even according to the stars, I’m in a generous stage right now. Iris had a birthday yesterday, so she will be the first.

If you also want to get a reference point to yourself, and a vision for the next two years, by this shimmering and one-of-a-kind Yael, just go for it. 

Yael was my Hindu philosophy student in a yoga teacher training course a long time ago. She traveled all over the world. She turned her life around. And then she did it again. She is smart and wonderful. She is totally devoted to you and your chart. Her astrology is not what you read in the horoscope sections of newspapers. It is your life as an open book. It is heartwarming, joyful, and comforting, and gives a perspective. She gave me a much-needed perspective.

Go to her.

Get yourself a gift.