Taurus New Moon – Do You Know Your Self-Worth?

May 4, 2024

If I had a nickel for every time I was told I intimidated men, I’d be a millionaire. But the story goes way back to my childhood. I was a natural leader and a gymnast with physical strength. I also had metaphysical strength, as I experienced lucid and prophetic dreams from a very early age. 

As much as I loved my power, with time, I started noticing that it also caused me misfortune. My mother didn’t know how to handle my power as she was somewhat afraid of it. Since I only wanted my mother to love me, I changed myself to match what my mother thought was a desirable version of me.

Like many women who felt that their power was feared and not appreciated, I, too, started hiding my power until I completely forgot that I had it. I started believing that I was the minimized version of myself.  

I recently met two women with somewhat similar stories. They were both super successful in their careers. While they felt confident and fulfilled professionally, they did not enjoy a sense of fulfillment in their personal lives, as they had been seeking meaningful romantic relationships for a while.

Through our sessions, we identified that they were not entirely authentic when they met new people or entered new relationships. They were afraid that if they showed who they truly were, the other person would not be interested in them, so they presented only one side of their personality and kept the other hidden.

For one of them, the issue was a matter of inner conflict. She needed stimulating, exciting relationships, but she also needed loyalty, safety, security, and stability. When she dated men and showed them her exciting side, she attracted men who were exciting but also flaky and unstable. She concluded that if she wanted a serious relationship, she had to start showing her steady side and hide her exciting side. She consequently began attracting people who were too boring for her.

When I suggested that she present both sides of her personality and be open about her need for relationships that were both stimulating and steady, it was a huge eye-opener for her. She could see how she used to minimize herself and show only part of who she truly was out of insecurity. It was evident that minimizing herself did not serve her well, nor did it get her closer to finding a life partner.

I strongly resonated with the second woman’s story because I experienced something similar. Over the years, she was often told that she was intimidating for men. She, therefore, started presenting herself as a charming, loving, kind, gentle, and feminine woman, which she truly is, and kept her powerful, strong, masculine side in hiding. But she could not keep her powers hidden for too long. At a certain point, she would blow up with frustration or present her powerful side, and the other person would be perplexed about where this was all coming from. By showing only her feminine and sweet side, she attracted men who could not handle her power. “If someone feels intimidated by you,” I told her, “He is not the right person for you. The right person would love you for exactly who you are, with all your power.”

Taurus is the sign of self-worth. It is a shy, somewhat introverted sign ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and harmony. Taurus tends to maintain harmony at all costs, which sometimes means choosing harmony over authenticity. The high road of Taurus is to have the self-worth that supports her authenticity. She would still be shy and introverted, but when she feels comfortable with others, she can show her true colors rather than hide certain aspects of herself or minimize herself.

This New Moon in Taurus is an excellent opportunity to review whether you have somehow forgotten who you truly are along the way. Are you presenting yourself as smaller than you truly are? Are you hiding a particular aspect of your being to be liked? It’s good to reflect on how you were as a child or in your first romantic interactions. How did time shape your self-worth? Did you gain it through time, or did you lose it? Were you ever afraid to be intimidating or too much for someone? Please share this with me; I’d love to know.

On this New Moon in Taurus, love yourself just as you are. When you are authentic to who you truly are, you embody your highest self-worth.

Wishing you a wonderful week,

With love,


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More Astrological Information This Week

Event of the week: New Moon in Taurus.

Dominant Element: Earth.

Aspects of the week: Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus conjunct the Sun.


  • Sunday, May 5, Sun and Venus in Taurus. Moon, Mercury, and Mars in Aries.
  • Monday, May 6, Moon enters Taurus.
  • Tuesday, May 7, New Moon in Taurus.
  • Wednesday, May 8, Moon enters Gemini.
  • Friday, May 10, Moon enters Cancer.

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