New Moon in Scorpio – What Serves Your Highest Good? 

November 11, 2023

The days are shorter now. Darkness covers the world earlier in the day, as we make our way towards the shortest day of the year. The world is in chaos and conflict. Our feeds are filled with horrors. It is not easy for anyone, even if you do not have a direct connection to the war.

Within this chaos, I remembered what I wrote last year for my 2023 prediction, when I referred to Saturn in Pisces:

During Saturn in Pisces, we are asked to take the spiritual path and to let go of everything we don’t need, every desire that does not serve us well, anything that does not serve the higher good of all.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. The next station of Saturn is Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is often compared with The Fool Tarot card, which depicts a young man embarking on his journey, carrying a bindle.

A bindle cannot contain much. Before you initiate a new journey, you must get rid of everything that is no longer needed. You must connect with the core of your being, your soul, and see what it needs.

In times of war, we shed what’s not important. We talk about matters of life and death. Success and fame are less important. Abundance and indulgence are less important. Staying alive and keeping our loved ones safe are important. Restoring peace and healing trauma are important.

These are all Scorpio’s faculties. Scorpio is here to teach us about life and death, or how to live our life in the shade of death. What do we want to do with the time we have?

To live life the Scorpio way, we need to live like we have died and came back to life. We get a second chance to make things right. We stop being afraid to say or do what we want. We think in terms of, if I die now, what will I regret the most? Then we change it.

Before Saturn moves into Aries in 2025, the world needs to shed the hatred and the lies. We are faced with some harsh truths about the forces that rule this world. It is not what we thought.

My heart expands with love to the beautiful souls who could have continued with their life as it was, but chose not to. For the people who had a lot to lose by standing up for the underdogs and chose to do it all the same. They stopped and decided to make their voices heard. To speak up for Israelis and Jews who are now suffering from hate and antisemetism.

These people act on the esoteric knowledge that Scorpio holds – we are all one. I have the best life with my amazing family. I make money doing the things I love most. I have a beautiful house in a great city. Yet, I experience the deepest pain and greatest fear. I cannot enjoy my gifts when there is so much suffering and hatred in the world.  I cannot be at peace when my friends’ children are held hostages in dark tunnels.

New moon in Scorpio is asking us to go in and transform our fears into power. For that we need to face the demons of the world. We need to find our own individualistic Patronus Charm. Scorpio teaches us that we can find our greatest power when we stand face to face with evil.

At times like this we get to value what is truly important. For me, it’s the love and support I get from my family, friends, and some of my communities.

When it comes to friends and family, Scorpios are minimalists. They have a few good friends, people with whom they can maintain deep and meaningful relationships. People who truly love them.

Scorpios know to read between the lines, but they prefer not to. They prefer it when things are clear, when the messages they receive correspond with what they sense. They need people to be truthful and honest with them.

I wonder how my life would have looked like if I chose only people who truly loved me in the past. If I did not compromise and did not get myself into romantic situations and friendships with people who did not show me absolute, clear, direct, and honest love.

This is the Scorpio’s way. It cuts through the BS. Why to deplete our energies with people or situations that are ambiguous or flaky?

When you are in a life-or-death situation, things get clearer. You know who supports you and who does not.

Scorpios are so sharp that they always live with the ability to discern and chose the right people and the right circumstances. Even if they get themselves into the wrong relationship or work situation, it is just because they needed to learn something from it.

On this new moon in Scorpio, ask yourself:

  • If I died and came back to life, what would I do differently? Then go ahead and do it.
  • Do I feel supported and loved by the people in my life? What friendships, connections, communities, and projects serve my highest good? And which don’t?

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More Astrological information for the Week:

Event of the week: New moon in Scorpio, Monday, November 13.

Aspects of the week: Mars conjunct sun, Uranus opposite sun, Neptune trine sun. Saturn square sun from Monday, November 13.

Dominant Element: water


  • Sunday, November 12, Sun, moon and Mars in Scorpio, Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus in Libra.
  • Monday, November 13, new moon in Scorpio, moon enters Sagittarius.
  • Thursday, November 16, moon enters Capricorn.
  • Saturday, November 18, moon enters Aquarius.

Have a wonderful week,

With love,


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