Happy 2023 & Full Moon in Cancer – May This Be a Year of Healthy Balance

December 31, 2022

Some think that the transition into a new year is overrated. A year is just a number in the calendar.

Every day we experience the influences of the stars. We are constantly evolving. Our molecular structure is ever changing. Every moment is an opportunity to start anew, make an important decision and turn a page. The new year is no different.

But I like to celebrate life and special events. I love to see the magic on every occasion. I love these moments, like a new year, or a birthday, that make us stop and contemplate on what we want to enforce in our lives, and what we should let go of.

During the new year it’s dark and cold. We go inwards more naturally. We can connect with our inner needs and be less distracted by the external world.

I’ve been sick for more than a week now. This is why I did not send an update last week and was completely absent from social media. It felt essential to take a little break, even thought it was forced and unpleasant.

There are lots of important big shifts and event happening in 2003:

  • Saturn finishes a three-years cycle in Aquarius and moves into Pisces on March 7.
  • Pluto finishes a fourteen-years cycle in Capricorn and starts transitioning into Aquarius on March 23.
  • Jupiter moves into Taurus on May 16.
  • The nodal shifts from the Taurus-Scorpio axis to the Aries-Libra axis.
  • We start the year under the influence of Mars and Mercury retrogrades. Mercury will retrograde three more times, and Venus will retrograde as well.

I listed the dates of all major events here, including pre-shadow and post-shadow phases for all retrogrades, new moons, full moons, and eclipses. I hope you will find it helpful.

I also wrote my understanding of how the major transitions will influence us, and how to plan for 2023 accordingly here.

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This week starts with Sun in Capricorn, moon in Taurus and six planets in earth all together. On Monday, the moon enters Gemini and Venus enters Aquarius. This will bring an earth and air balance with four planets in each of these elements.

Air gives us many new ideas, and the ability to communicate them. Earth gives us practicality, determination, and discipline to turn these ideas into reality. This is a great combination for the beginning of the year.

On Thursday the moon enters Cancer and on Friday there will be a full moon in Cancer.

The dialogue between Capricorn and Cancer is always present in our modern lives. Both are initiators. They are great in business and great in taking care of others. Whatever they do, they do it well.

But Cancer prefers to work in a family business, environments that feel like family, or work from home. Capricorn thrives in big organizations. He needs to get out of home and be out there, in the world. For their wellbeing, Cancer needs to feel nourishes and loved. Capricorn needs to succeed in her career. 

I have a Capricorn moon and Cancer rising, so I live this dialogue every day.

Cancer tells me, “Get up from your work desk and cook yourself a healthy meal.” Capricorn says, “You have two more hours of work. Make some progress. Eat later.”

Cancer says, “Be present with your son, don’t be on your phone.״ Capricorn says, “You devote yourself to motherhood and then you don’t feel accomplished. Do what you need for work. Your son doesn’t need so much attention as you think. “

Cancer says, “Write your book, be creative, connect with your soul. Money is less important.” Capricorn says, “You need to focus on making money. It replenishes the energies you put into your work. When you don’t make enough money, you feel depleted.”

Cancer says, “I am sad today, I feel an emotional pain. I need to rest and process it.” Capricorn says, “Work will help you go through the pain. If you rest, you’ll just feel sorry for yourself.”

The key is to find balance between these two forces, while remembering that material success, for some of us, is an emotional need. Pain and emotional difficulties can be used as a creative force in our work.

On this full moon ask yourself:

  • Do I suppress my emotions, neglect my emotional needs, or neglect the needs of my home and family members, for the sake of my career?
  • Do I neglect my need to thrive in my career and my need for material success, for the sake of dealing with my emotions or taking care of my home and family members?

The answer will lead you to finding a healthy balance between Cancer and Capricorn in your own life.

Wishing you a happy new year. A year of health, love, and fulfillment. A year of peace and wellbeing. To you and to all sentient beings.

Don’t forget to check my 2023 blog post How to Plan Your 2023 According to Its Major Influences here. It will help you plan for the coming year.

With love,


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