Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – How Much Do You Avoid, Neglect, or Suppress in the Name of Stability? 

November 5, 2022

On Tuesday this week, November 8, there is a full moon and a lunar eclipse in Taurus. This will be the last eclipse of 2022.

Not many know it, but in esoteric astrology, which is the type of astrology I practice, Scorpio is one of the most spiritually evolved signs of the zodiac.

Scorpio is a very intense sign. Its shadow side is the darkest of all, and its highest road, is the highest of all. There are few reasons for Scorpio’s spiritual capacity.

One is Scorpio’s ability to connect with the human experience in a way no one else can. One of Pema Chodron’s main messages is that we must learn to connect with our feelings, even when they are painful, heavy, and cause us misery.

The paradox of life is that the more you learn to connect with the feelings that you instinctively want to reject, the happier you become.

Another reason for Scorpio’s spiritual advancement is that in their high road, Scorpios don’t care about stability and security. They will throw away everything they have for the sake of transformation, growth, and evolution.

Scorpios understand that safety, permanence, and stability are only an illusion. While in their low road they try to control everything and get strongly attached to people and property, in their high road they learn to release the need to control.

These two issues are the main themes when the sun in Scorpio stands in opposition to the eclipsed full moon in Taurus.

When it comes to emotions, Taurus likes to keep calm. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty, love, and harmony. There is a tendency to idealize life here. To stick with what’s simple. Intense feelings are scary, and, unlike Scorpio, Taurus does not like to get scared.

When you start feeling your feelings in your body, like a Scorpio, rather than analyzing them mentally, like most of us do, you start noticing similarities between the physical sensations of feelings we categorize as good, and of the physical sensations of feelings we categorize as bad.

One Friday night after a very successful week, I was elevated. I felt so genuinely grateful for everything I had. I felt I was in the right place, at the right time, on the right path. I felt everything was open for me and that I was fulfilling my purpose.

When I closed my eyes and noticed how it felt in my body, I was shocked to discover that I felt the same sensation that I usually have when I feel the strongest emotional pain. I felt a lump in my throat and a strong pressure at my heart chakra, like it was going to explode.

There are tears of joy and tears of pain. Both are the same expression of the same sensations we have in both cases.

When you avoid pain, you don’t allow yourself to experience joy. You live in a state of emotional numbness, so you don’t live in your full capacity.

When you don’t allow yourself to feel, you stay away from your heart and soul. You are guided by your desire to stay secure, but you never feel secure. There is always something hanging there, something that you know you keep avoiding. It becomes more and more scary the longer you postpone dealing with it.

Tauruses live for stability and security. We all do, to some extent. If your life is a total chaos, if you don’t know where you’ll sleep tomorrow, or how you’ll pay your bills, you can’t be creative, you can’t be of service to others. You are in a survival mode. There might be a lot of growth through being there, but you will only be able enjoy the fruits of it when you manage to get out of the situation and find stability.

The question is whether your need for security is healthy and supports your wellbeing, fulfillment, and growth. How much do you avoid, neglect, or suppress at the name of stability?

The seventeen years that followed the early passing of my mother, when I was eighteen years old, were chaotic. I got married, move to the US, got divorced, moved to Israel, moved back to the US, got married, got divorced. There was lots of traveling, parties and drugs involved. My life was bigger than life. It could make great movies and books. It was ruled by my strong Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio.

After my second divorce, I returned to Israel, and tried to settle down. I realized I could not keep on living on a roller coaster. It was so exhausting that it depleted me to the level of depression. For a few years, life seemed to be boring. But I needed this Taurus experience of stability. I needed to find balance.

Today I am learning to find excitement and transformation through stability. Like learning more about the nature of deep, meaningful intimacy in a long-term relationship or staying committed to my business in the highs and lows of it. This is the essence of this full moon and eclipse.

The eclipse gives you an opportunity to change your ways and open a new page.

On this full moon and lunar eclipse ask yourself:

  • Is there any risk I should take, any change I need to make, that I know in my heart is required for my wellbeing and fulfillment, but I am afraid to do it because I don’t want to lose my stability?
  • Do I need to bring more stability, safety, and security into my life?
  • Do I allow myself to feel the full extent of my emotions, or do I tend to push away feelings that make me uncomfortable?
  • Do I let my emotions get the best of me in a way that makes it impossible to reach peace of mind?

The key is always to find the right balance between stability and transformation, between emotional connectedness and emotional detachment.

I wish you a meaningful full moon and lunar eclipse,

May the force be with you (I was Ray Skywalker on Halloween, you are invited to see pics on Instagram). 

With love,


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