Accept Your Pain and Have Fun with a Disciplined Mind

May 21, 2022

Did you feel the eclipse last week? It was so strong. I felt so much pain and sadness. Scorpio is the healer. The eclipse season is still present. It is time to ask what wounds still need healing. Pain is a part of life. No matter how happy, loved, fulfilled or successful you are.

For pain to be healed, it first needs to be acknowledged, accepted, and embraced. How often do you run away from your pain, telling yourself that everything is wonderful and there is no reason to feel sad, hurt, or lonely? Pain is telling you that it is here, no matter what’s the story. There is always a reason to feel pain. It might even be the pain of the collective that you feel. It really does not matter what you tell yourself, what matters is that you stay with the pain and not push it away. Then, healing can happen.

Sun in Gemini reminds you not to take things too seriously. Let’s be a little flirtatious with life, let’s be funny and curious. Let’s talk about everything and laugh about it. Let’s be friends and play. Gemini might want to learn about pain but won’t necessarily want to feel it. Pain is heavy and Geminis don’t like heavy. Unless they learn to discipline their minds and connect with their heart.

It is such an important time to discipline the mind through meditation. When the sun is in Gemini and Mercury retrogrades, your mind might run wild. Meditation is the most helpful tool to connect with your observer, your intelligent entity that watches the mind from the outside and not buy into it. Your mind creates fears, worries, and doubts, and presents them as if they were real. By meditating you connect to what is real. You create new empowering brain connections and change behavioral patterns that don’t serve you well.

Meditation will especially be easy when the moon is in Pisces, on Monday May 22, and Tuesday May 23.

On May 24 the moon enters Aries and will stay there for three whole days. Mars will also enter Aries so there will be a great deal of fire in the heavens. Make sure to use it right. Gemini is an air sign; it loves fire, and it especially loves Aries. These will be great days to be creative, be courageous, be spontaneous and have lots of fun. Forget about pain for these few days, will you?

On Thursday, May 26, Saturn stops squaring the sun, and this should feel nice.

On Friday, May 27 the moon enters Taurus. On Saturday, May 28, Venus enters Taurus. Earth element will be strong on these days. It will be good to take a hike in nature, enjoy the simple things of life, like the sunset or the sunrise.

I will be visiting my hometown, Tel Aviv, and will stay by the beach. Promise to update with some nice sunset pictures.

Have a wonderful week,

With love,


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