Customer Testimonial

Romana Delberg, Yoga Teacher and Studio Owner, Vienna, Austria
I have had two astrological readings with Yael so far. I know for sure, that consulting with her will be a lifelong relationship. She has helped uncover aspects of myself and navigate difficult and painful situations in my life. She helped me gain a very new perspective at my life choices and giving me very insightful feedback as to what I could look out for in the near future. Yael is a very good astrologer, not only is she very insightful astrologically, she also has a very strong intuitive side, she can really pick up upon subtle undercurrents that pull and push ones destination. I can only recommend working with her.
Roni Dagan, Marketing Business Owner, Tel Aviv, Israel
Reading my chart analysis with Yael has offered me new insights into my life. I came with no expectations, and was positively surprised by the clear vision and guidance I received, at a time when I absolutely needed it. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get a new understanding of the past and present in order to be able to fulfill their true potential.
Shir tsabari, Childbirth Educator, Karkur, Israel

I scheduled a meeting with Yael. We set in her magical room. We met eye to eye. Then she started telling me about my natal chart. She saw things as they are, with no judgment. Her way of allowing me to see myself with eyes wide open through the chart was so interesting, wise, opening. This chart walks with me, it guides me on every crossroad. Yael, thank you! I recommend seeing Yael from the bottom of my hears. In any crossroad. To meet yourself. To increase your self-love.  

Maya Zamir Arditi, Writer, Producer, Content Manager, Kfar Saba, Israel

It was very important for Yael to give me coherent messages and to make sure I understood her well. I got out of my astrology reading with knowledge on the planet’s influence on my personality and my behavioral patterns. I felt in a protected space. I was provided with expanded perception of my life’s events. Thank you.

Tali Vasserman, CEO, Israel

My astrology reading with Yael made sense of my life story. Everything fell into place and gave me permission to be my authentic self. It gave legitimation to all the aspects of my personality. It showed me aspects of my personality that required more of my attention. It explained how different events in my life led me to where I am today. Yael is wonderful, precise, and sensitive. She speaks a language I can understand and relate to. Reading with her is a life changing experience. Thank you!

Michal Binyamin, Yoga Teacher, Kfar Vitkin, Israel

Yael is a good witch and a heavenly magician. If you only allow her, she will take you by the hand to a depth and revelation journey between the stars and the planets. She will do so with love, attentiveness, professionalism, and endless patience. Without determining or fixating, with openness to whatever exists and whatever comes up. The astrology world will become your close friend and a guiding teacher at any time.  This is how I perceive my astrology reading and my astrology studies with Yael. I strongly recommend it to whoever feels the calling.

Moran Levin, Senior HR Manager, Kfar Saba, Israel

Thank you so much for this gift that you have given me. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the pennies dropping.