Sun & Pluto in Aquarius – Can I Develop Curiosity Around my Pain, Wounds & Trauma? 

January 27, 2024

Last week, Pluto conjunct Sun in Aquarius brought me back to my daily meditation practice. When you have the most horrific nightmares, like I did, there is no other way but to achieve the highest mental clarity possible, and deal with the situation.

A few days into my daily meditation practice, I dreamt that I was surfing mighty waves. The waves were huge, but they did not scare me one bit. I enjoyed every moment of my dream and woke up empowered as this dream confirmed that I was on the right path.

Water in the dream world, like in astrology, represents our emotional world. When we develop healthy emotional skills, it is like learning to surf our emotional waves. Instead of letting them terrify us or drown us, we have fun and reach new evolutionary heights with them.

Last week, I promised to talk about Pluto in Aquarius but before that, let’s see what happened when Pluto was in Capricorn. Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008. It started transitioning into Aquarius last year, and will finally leave Capricorn in November 2024, for about 248 years.  

Pluto is the planet of transformation and deep healing.

During the years of Pluto in Capricorn, many of us experienced transformation in the way we work and make money. The ability to work remotely from home expanded our work opportunities. Social media has enabled us to make money through doing what we love.

As Pluto enters Aquarius, we can expect transformation in the way we experience technology and science, and in the way we engage with our communities. Belonging to like-minded communities will become more significant in everybody’s life.

Pluto rules Scorpio which stands in conflict with Aquarius. During the next 19 years of Pluto in Aquarius, we will have to alchemize these two forces. In this post I am going to explain how we can do that.

Pluto asks us to go deep into the pain and the fear that we all experience as humans. Aquarius is a very optimistic, humanitarian, advanced, intellectual, and investigative sign. It does not like to connect with pain, especially not one that is rooted deeply, like the pain of childhood wounds and trauma.

The low road of Aquarius is detachment. It’s about choosing to stick with joy and optimism at all costs, while not allowing any room for dealing with pain. This tactic can only work for so long. Eventually because pain is a part of the human experience, we can’t avoid it forever. If we do not let ourselves connect with our pain, our emotional wounds and trauma, we let them get a hold of us through our subconscious. They manage us and they manifest themselves in us through depression or physical illness.

Pluto in Aquarius is calling us to take the high road of Aquarius, which is the willingness to touch pain, emotional wounds, and trauma with curiosity. We were always taught that curiosity killed the cat, but we are not cats.

Being curious about our pain means that when an uncomfortable feeling or sensation arises, we don’t run away from it into our thoughts, and we don’t try to focus on our breath and breathe calmly. Rather, we investigate it and how it manifests in our body. We wear our white robes and enter our self-research lab. We open our imaginary science notebook, and we start asking questions and seeking answers. What does it mean to be in pain? Where is the pain felt? How does it feel?

We connect more and more with the pain, like Pluto asks us to do, but we do it with the investigative curiosity and joy of Aquarius. When we get our answers, and after we allowed ourselves to truly feel our pain, we can then ask ourselves, what can I learn from it? How can this knowledge help others?

I remember for example, one time when I celebrated a huge achievement in my career and felt a sense of bliss and gratitude. I closed my eyes and checked how this bliss felt in my body. I was amazed to find out that in many respects it felt just like my deepest pain. I felt the same pressure around my heart chakra and the same lump in my throat.

For Pluto, no emotion is negative. All the emotions are our teachers, including jealousy, frustration, anger, and hatred. Aquarius likes to see things from an ideal and enlightened perspective, so it tends to escape such negative emotions. Pluto in Aquarius is here to teach us that all emotions are valid, and that if we take the high road of Aquarius, and connect with our emotions through curiosity, all our emotions, even those we dislike the most, become our best allies.

During this Aquarius season, it is a great time to develop our curiosity around our pain, emotional wounds, and trauma. Can you do it? If not, what is holding you back? What does not work? I’d love to know and help you out, so that we can all ride the waves of our emotional world together.

Wishing you a wonderful week,

With love,


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More Astrological Information This Week

Aspects of the week: Jupiter square Sun. Pluto conjunct sun until Monday, January 29. Uranus square Sun from Monday, January 29.

Dominant Element: Earth.

Missing Element: Fire.


  • Sunday, January 28, 2024, Sun conjunct Pluto in Aquarius, Moon in Virgo, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Capricorn.
  • Tuesday, January 30, Moon enters Libra.
  • Thursday, February 1, Moon enters Scorpio.

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