Sun in Libra – Where is the Harmony?   

October 14, 2023

It’s hard for me to find words today. It feels like the world is going mad. My mood shifts from pain, to fear to rage. A friend asked me if there was something in the stars. Sometimes we should not look at the stars, but at what is going on here on earth.

The simple, earthy answers are often so painful that we prefer not to see them. I usually don’t get into political astrology, as I am more focused on personal empowerment. But since my friend asked, I went to check Israel’s chart. I was amazed to discover that right now, Uranus conjuncts Israel’s sun.

Uranus on its low road brings chaos. At the high road it brings freedom, advancement, community, and humanitarianism. Alongside the horrors in Israel, the community bonds of Israelis are inspiring. Thousands of people are working around the clock to support and help each other and those in need. 

Libra asks us to seek harmony and balance. It feels like nothing is harmonious right now. Nothing. Why is that?

I think it is partially because we do not express ourselves authentically enough. The high road of Libra is authentic self-expression, and this is a pre-requisite for harmony.  In a politically-correct environment, where we can be canceled for saying what we really think, we cannot express ourselves authentically.

A family member works for a big international corporation. He goes through trainings of how to talk about delicate issues. For example, how to complement colleagues without harassing them. This is really wonderful, but, it is also very limiting. We have to be careful about everything we say, so that we might prefer to say nothing.

I am very direct, but I hold some opinions that I am afraid to share. My friends and I whisper to each other so that no one can hear us. I know I am not alone here. People are afraid to take a stand that is not the acceptable one. Being conservative or liberal, we need to fit into a box. We get a script of what we are supposed to think about abortions, guns, vaccinations, LGBTQIA+ rights, and of course the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We are not allowed to express what we truly think. If our opinions are out of the box, then we should not say them out loud, or we will end up getting cancelled.

We have to admit the reality of no real free speech, no real pluralism. We have to be extra careful about what we say in public. In our relationships, however, it is a different story. We must learn to express ourselves freely with our loved ones, if we want to reach the high road of Libra and cultivate harmonious relationships.

Easier said than done. The first stage of being authentic in our relationships is to be connected with what we truly feel, think and experience. Many of us are so used to suppression, that we do not notice when there is fear, hurt, or pain.

I find myself running away from the truth all the time. I feel sadness and instinctually I think about something good to soothes my soul. For example, a few weeks ago, a good friend hurt my feelings. She was going through a challenge and chose to talk with another friend, while excluding me from the conversation.

My first response was to protect myself from feeling the pain of it. I reasoned that my friend knew she was not going to like what I had to say, so she preferred to avoid me. I convinced myself that it was better, because the situation was time consuming, and I had too much on my plate anyways.

After about half an hour of an inner struggle, I caught myself in the act of pushing away my pain. I was hurt and it was painful, regardless of all the mental explanations and justifications. As I acknowledged my pain, my inner struggle subsided, and a new sense of harmony emerged.

Being honest with myself, I could also communicate authentically with my friend. Our conversation brought up other issues that we never talked about. These new truths were not easy. They brought even more pain and hurt, but as we faced them, we could initiate healing.

There is a good reason why Libra rules both authentic self-expression and harmony – you can’t have one without the other!

On these hard, chaotic, confusing, heart-breaking days, let’s try to raise our vibration with authentic self-expression, at least with ourselves and those we love.

There are many ways in which we can express ourselves. Libra equips us with diplomatic abilities. We can seek ways to say our authentic truth in a manner that can be received by others.

Sending much love and praying for peace and the safe return of the Israeli hostages,


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