Sun Enters Taurus & Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction – How to Create the Change You Desire? 

April 13, 2024

I found my true love when I was 40. When I think about what helped me find love after many years of searching, it is a combination of factors. One of them was years of self-work that helped me establish confidence and trust in myself and the world. The other major factor was my acceptance of my situation. When I fully accepted that I might not find love, I could make a commitment to myself, that I would make my life happy and wonderful no matter what. Only then, the doors to finding my true love opened for me.

Acceptance of an undesirable situation can be the key for creating a desirable change.

Aries is the season when we have the energy and the stamina to be active and make the changes we want to apply to our lives. We choose our goals and initiate our path towards achieving them. We start being proactive in our pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. Our vision was created during Pisces season, the action was initiated during Aries season. Now we are entering Taurus, and Taurus is the sign of acceptance and status quo.

During Taurus season, our inspirational, spontaneous initiations from the Aries season, get solidified and become practical. Part of this process is accepting that we might not get to see our vision manifesting, or that we might not be able to make the changes we desire to make. It might sound depressing, but on the contrary, acceptance is the medicine for depression. Acceptance allows us to see the gifts of our current situation. It is the opposite of feeling underprivileged or disadvantaged for not having what we want.

When I accepted that I might not find love, for example, I could see the blessings of my life as it was. I realized that I had a lot of freedom that I cherished. I traveled all over the world, studied yoga and Buddhism, did meditation retreats, and met wonderful people. I could see that this was actually a great situation. My life was as good as those of many of my married friends, if not better. With my new acceptance, I approached men differently. My life didn’t depend on having a relationship, so I felt more comfortable being authentic and real. And this is what eventually brought me my true love.

Acceptance sets us free from being depressed about the fact that things don’t work out exactly as we want. Acceptance of our current situation does not discourage us from making change, quite the opposite, it reinforces us and supports us in our pursuit. We stop believing that our happiness depends on getting what we want, so we don’t act out of desperation. We are wiser and smarter in the way we pursue our goals, and therefore have a better chance in obtaining them. This is Taurus’ wisdom.

You may feel even stronger Taurus energy this week when Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus on Saturday, April 20. Jupiter and Uranus meet about every 14 years, so this is a rare conjunction.  This conjunction can bring accelerated advancement to our traditions, our self-value, the way we interact with mother earth and the way we manage our finances. Such changes will be blessed by the lucky planet Jupiter.

Uranus is the planet that allows us to see things from the outside and Jupiter gives us the ability to see the bigger picture. If there is something that causes you suffering, step into the Uranian-Jupiterian perspective. Connect with the suffering of others and see that your own suffering is probably not more or less than the suffering of others. See that even with your undeniable suffering, you still have so many blessings.

If there’s something that you really want, that’s constantly eluding you, then ask yourself, “if things are going to stay exactly as they are, and I am never going to achieve ____ (fill in the blank), will I still be able to be happy?” Are there any gifts in the life I currently have, any benefits to not getting what I want? Remember that acceptance does not mean that you should stop pursuing your desires, but rather, that you are going to pursue them with a better chance of obtaining them.

If you feel that you can’t be entirely happy in your current situation, think how YOU can change it. What can YOU do to take the reins and get yourself to a place where you are happy, regardless of whether you are going to fulfill your big wish.

Wishing you a wonderful week,

With love,


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More Astrological Information This Week

Events of the Week: Sun enters Taurus and Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus.

Major Aspects: Pluto square Sun.


  • Sunday, April 14, Sun, Mercury Retrograde and Venus in Aries, Moon in Cancer, Mars in Pisces.
  • Monday, April 15, Moon enters Leo.
  • Thursday, April 18, Moon enters Virgo.
  • Friday, April 19, Sun enters Taurus.
  • Saturday, April 20, Jupiter & Uranus Conjunction and Moon enters Libra.

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