Sun Enters Pisces – Who Are You? A Lesson in Piscean Wisdom on How to Better Direct Our Lives

February 17, 2024

Many years ago, I had a psychedelic experience. It was on a Mediterranean beach with two friends. The first thing that happened was that I felt gigantic and enormous, so much bigger than my physical body. Throughout the entire session, I heard a beautiful constant humming vibration and I danced to it. But at a certain point, something meaningful happened. Something that changed my life forever.

The image that came to me was that we are all huge and gigantic, just like I felt, playing a monopoly game. We each have a plastic figurine that we move on a gameboard, where we advance some and regress some, acquire some and lose some. The thing is that we are so immersed in the game of life, that we completely forget that it is a game. We are so identified with our plastic figurine, that we completely forget who we truly are. We are the huge, perfect, powerful being above the gameboard, holding the plastic figurine. Somehow, we have forgotten about our soul being.

One of my friends was sharing his concerns about life. Would he be accepted to teach yoga at the studio he loved? Was his relationship going to work out? Would he be able to move to the country where he wanted to live. “Don’t you see?”, I asked him, “it does not matter!”

If we only realize that we are not the little plastic figurines on the monopoly board, if we connect with who we truly are, with our big, true self, with our soul, then whatever happens to us serves the reason we initially came to be in this world. My friend did not get everything he wanted at that time, but he ended up getting so much more, and so did I. It does not mean that our daily hardships are not important, though! It means that through the lens of the soul, we can gain a new wise perspective on them. There are also some exceptions. Not everything is a game. I refer to that at the end of this post.

A few days ago, I watched The Near-Death Experience of Dr. Mary Helen Hensley, which was recommended to me by my dear teacher, Debra Silverman. I was amazed that in the video, Dr. Hensley speaks about the exact same monopoly game concept that I realized years ago. But I was also not surprised, because when you experience your soul, when you get in touch with it in a very profound and powerful way, you see the same truths that all others who connect with their soul see as well.

Pisces is the sign that comes to teach us about and connect us with our soul. It reminds us that our human existence is temporary, but we are eternal. Every reincarnation we get to wear a different body, but our soul keeps evolving over time.

Why is it important to connect with our soul? Why is the Pisces lesson so valuable?

There are a few reasons for that. The first is that everything that the soul wants is in perfect alignment with the universe. The soul wants us to fulfill our purpose and give the service we came to give to the world. Therefore, if we listen to our soul, we get in touch with our deep true dreams. We then live the life that turns our dreams into reality.

Another gift of this Piscean wisdom is that it helps us take everything in perspective. We can step outside of our gameboard drama and see things from the bigger perspective, through our soul being.

Lastly, realizing that we are souls, helps us resume responsibility for our life. When we forget who we are, we don’t direct our lives well. We make bad decisions because we think that the whole story is about having this specific house, or job, or love, or child, or friend. We forget how much power we have and how much we can change. We get carried away with the currents of life, instead of taking the lead and directing it. Or we sit around and wait for things to happen, and we get frustrated that they don’t. When we connect with our soul, we can shape our reality and lead it towards the fulfillment of our purpose.  

Today I also know that not everything is a game. Some horrible things have happened in this world, and they keep happening. There are dark evil forces that do things that no soul has invited into its life, no soul has asked or wanted to experience. Yet, they happen. Even as souls, we can’t control everything, we can’t direct everything. But when we identify with our souls, we can control much more than what we usually think is possible for us.  

On this first week of Sun in Pisces, try to connect with your soul. The best way to do it is through meditation, being in nature, or both. Try to connect with your huge being that is much greater than your physical boundaries. Try to see things from this huge soul perspective. Become your soul and speak to your daily, physical self. What does your soul want to tell you? What lessons does it want to teach you? Which direction does it want you to take? Listen, journal, or contemplate on that, and don’t forget to share your insights with me.

Wishing you a wonderful week,

Much love,


Fun Reference – Who are you? Alice in Wonderland.

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More Astrological Information This Week

Event of the week: Sun enters Pisces.

Aspects of the week: Saturn conjunct Sun.

Dominant Element: Water

Missing Element: Fire


  • Sunday, February 18, Sun enters Pisces, Moon in Cancer, Venus and Mars in Aquarius.
  • Wednesday, February 21, Moon enters Leo.
  • Friday, February 23, Moon enters Virgo, Mercury enters Pisces.

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