Sagittarius New Moon & Mercury Retrograde – Our Believes Determine How Long and How Well We Live  

December 9, 2023

A new moon is always a time when the sun and the moon are both in the same zodiac sign. At times like this, our desires and outer persona, represented by the sun, are in harmony with our needs and inner world, represented by the moon. This alignment allows us to create a positive change in a life aspect which relates to the sun and moon sign.

This coming Tuesday, there is a new moon in Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is the sign of beliefs. Sagittarius people are constantly seeking to define their belief systems. Those of us who are more practical might dismiss the importance of beliefs.

When we think about beliefs, we tend to think about religious beliefs such as believing in a certain god or gods or belonging to a certain religion. But beliefs are much more than that. They form our perception of life and what life can offer us. In that respect, our beliefs shape our world.

I am currently reading a fascinating book, Breaking the Age Code, by Becca Levy, PhD. In this book, Dr. Levy proves that our aging beliefs have a huge impact on how well we age. For example, her research shows that if you associate aging with positive attributes, you are less likely to suffer from memory loss when you age.

Another example Dr. Levy presents is that in Japan, menopause is viewed as “a natural part of aging that can lead to a valuable phase of life.” As a result, “Older Japanese women are much less likely to experience hot flashes, as well as other symptoms of menopause, than women of the same age in the US and Canada.”

More astonishing, Dr. Levy found that aging beliefs are the most important factor in determining longevity and “can steal or add nearly eight years to your life.”

This is a remarkable book, not only because it deals with a natural process that we all go through, and not only because it breaks many misconceptions that we have around aging. For me, this book is a vivid proof for how powerful our beliefs are, and how strongly they influence our lives.  

Through my work, I meet people with various beliefs that stand in their way. Some believe that they do not deserve to be happy or are not meant to succeed. Some believe that they have bad luck, or that there is something else wrong with them. Others believe that they are already blessed enough and that their desires, be it for another child, a loving relationship, or career fulfillment, are asking for too much from life.

Working with their birth charts, we are able to pinpoint these beliefs and identify those beliefs that are not rooted. Then, I can offer alternative beliefs.

The good thing about beliefs is that we can change them.

I never believed that I would have to experience the same stories of antisemitism that my grandparents went through. Seeing this today is a shocking reality. When I despair, I remind myself to pay attention to my beliefs. It is easy to fall into believing that another holocaust is coming. Instead, I choose to believe that now that the world is witnessing how deeply antisemitism is rooted in our culture, it will fight it with all its might. I am choosing to believe that this crisis will lead to a positive change.

On Wednesday, Mercury is going retrograde. Mercury is the planet of the little details, of engagement with concrete reality through conversations, of gathering lots and lots of facts and trying to make sense of them. When Mercury retrogrades during Sagittarius season, our detailed oriented mind gets brain fog. It is then easier to drift into broader and more philosophical perspectives, and to connect with our beliefs.

During Mercury retrograde we have access to the more enlightened perspective of things, but we need to make sure it is not exaggerated in a way that takes us away from concrete reality. The tendency to move into a dream world and away from reality is heightened since Neptune square the sun this week.

When we choose our beliefs, it is important that they are also realistic. They can’t just be made up and disconnected. This is why when structuring our beliefs, it is helpful to talk with someone who is empowering by nature and can view our perceptions objectively.

The huge worldwide conflict and the magnitude of hatred that we experience today, are a proof of the danger of being too spiritual and disconnected from reality. On the other hand, throughout history we also saw that when people were disconnected from spirituality and the big picture, violence was everywhere.

If there is one thing to learn from Buddhism is that we should always take the middle path. Extremes are never good. Spirituality must go hand and hand with practicality. Beliefs should go with reality. The journey that Mercury is making on this upcoming retrograde from Capricorn to Sagittarius and then back to Capricorn on the post-shadow period, is all about finding this balance.

On this new moon in Sagittarius, we are asked to review our beliefs. Ask yourself:

  • What do I believe that life has to offer me?
  • Are my believes limiting, or do they serve me by allowing me to grow and evolve?
  • How can I change my limiting believes and turn them into supporting beliefs?

Wishing you a wonderful week,

With love,


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More Astrological Information This Week

Events of the week: Sagittarius New Moon, Tuesday, December 12. Mercury retrograde Wednesday, December 15.

Dominant Element: Earth.

Missing Element: Air.

Aspects of the week: Mars conjunct sun, Neptune square sun.


  • Sunday, December 10, sun and Mars in Sagittarius, moon and Venus in Scorpio, Mercury in Capricorn.
  • Monday, December 11, moon enters Sagittarius.
  • Tuesday, December 12, new moon in Sagittarius.
  • Wednesday, December 13, moon enters Capricorn, Mercury goes retrograde.
  • Friday, December 15, moon enters Aquarius.

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