New Moon in Capricorn – Get to the Finish Line with Capricorn’s Strength

January 6, 2024

Last week, something weird happened. As a representative of a group of people in my town, I wrote a petition. The petition pointed some wrongdoings committed by a local institution and demanded a change. While I received much support and appreciation from my community, the people who represented the institution accused me of spreading misleading information.

The weird thing was that I honestly did not take any of it to heart. It was very much unlike me to stay indifferent to being personally accused of spreading lies. But as much as I tried to find some pain, sorrow, or frustration around that, I found none. It took me by surprise that I was so coolheaded about the situation. And to be honest, it felt great. I knew every word in my petition was truthful and based in facts. I knew that I was doing the right thing and that my cause was worth fighting for. I was proud of myself and my group for taking action when it was needed.

What mattered to me was the results, and they did not take long to come. A week later, the change we demanded is already happening.

Why am I sharing this story with you? This year, my solar return rising is in Capricorn. It means that this birthday year, I have a very strong Capricorn in my chart, even stronger than I normally have. This year, Capricorn is my rising, influencing the way I deal with people and the world. Capricorn now enforces me in a place where usually I am a very sensitive Cancer, who tends to take things personally and get emotional about them.

This incident has made me appreciate Capricorn even more. It is not that I became detached or insensitive. It is just that I am completely dedicated to being in service. When I fulfill my purpose and do the service I was meant to do, I am strong, confident, and resilient. I can move mountains, and I don’t let politics and nuances touch me or stir me from my path.

Capricorn new moon invites us all to get connected with the strength of Capricorn. With the unshakable discipline that is required to finish a big task, fulfill a big dream, move mountains, make things happen, and make the world a better place. Capricorn makes a plan and sticks to it. It has high standards, and it does not cut corners.

This year I choose to harness my Capricorn energy to writing my book. I am devoted to it. I am making it happen. This book is going to be finished. It is going to be published. Capricorn does not let anything stand in its way. She enjoys jumping over the hurdles. The more challenging it is, the more rewarding it is to reach the finish line. And Capricorn always reaches the finish line.

I already mentioned that I am currently reading the book Breaking the Age Code by Dr. Becca Levy. With all the pain and hardship around, reading about people who started new activities such as swimming in their nineties, gives me hope, optimism, and joy. It really is never too late to define a finish line and get there.The book has made me realize that one of my life goals is to reach my nineties and be as sharp and active like some of the people in this book. On top of the right aging beliefs, it also requires the discipline of a Capricorn. I am so grateful for my moon in Capricorn and for Saturn on my sun (Saturn rules Capricorn) that give me the strength I need for the task.

Suggested Journaling and contemplation for the New Moon in Capricorn:

  • What is your finish line? Set up your goals for the coming year. Be focused on one or two things.
  • What are your hurdles? It is important to know what stands in your way so that you can deal with it.
  • How can you overcome the challenges and get to the finish line on time? Make a practical, reasonable, but ambitious plan.
  • Connect with Capricorn energies to be enforced with discipline, dedication, and responsibility.
  • Put on your running shoes and get, set, go!

Remember that with Capricorn by your side, nothing can stop you from getting where you want and need to be.

Wishing you a wonderful week,

With love,


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More Astrological Information This Week

Event of the week: New Moon in Capricorn, Thursday, January 11.  

Aspects of the week: Uranus trine sun. Pluto conjunct sun starting Wednesday, January 10.

Dominant Element: Earth.

Missing Element: Air.


  • Sunday, January 7, Sun and Mars in Capricorn. Moon, Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius.
  • Tuesday, January 9, moon enters Capricorn.
  • Thursday, January 11, new moon in Capricorn. Moon enters Aquarius.
  • Saturday, January 13, moon enters Pisces. Mercury enters Capricorn.

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