Learn Astrology

“Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom”
Lao Tzu

I have a dream. My dream is that everyone has access to the wisdom of astrology. That everyone knows to read birth charts in a beneficial empowering way.

When I started practicing yoga in 2002, many still confused the practice of yoga with meditation, or thought Yoga was too woo woo for them. Today, yoga has become mainstream.

A similar process is already happening with astrology. In two decades, astrology will become a common language.

You are invited to become a part of this wonderful movement. 

Workshops & Events

My astrology workshops are held in intimate groups so we can do an in-depth study of your individual birth chart throughout the course. Beyond learning the star language and acquiring chart reading skills, you will deepen your self-knowledge and awareness in a way that will result in personal growth. Learning how other participants’ charts express their personality, will help you gain a wider perspective of the human experience. 

Astrology Basics & More

This website is full of free astrological information for you to learn and enjoy! The Astrology Basics section provides the abcs of birth chart reading – elements, modalities, cosmic bodies, zodiac signs and more. The Astrology Calendar section presents daily updates on what’s currently going on in the heavens. My blog updates contain information on current influences and how to work with them. I hope you use this vast information to better navigate your ship towards fulfilment.

AstroEasy - An Innovative Course For Easy Learning
Coming Soon

AstroEasy is a comprehensive astrology course that teaches birth chart reading easily and quickly. You learn at your own pace, with my personal support. The course is suitable for individuals at any level. Beginners with no prior knowledge will learn to read charts. Advanced students will enjoy the empowering interpretations of the various positions and aspects.

The cost of the entire course is $180. Less than the cost of a reading!

Sign up for AstroEasy wait list and be notified as soon as the course is available.