Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – Dealing with Fear

October 28, 2023

You probably already feel the powerful energies of the full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus. The polarity of sun, Mercury, and Mars in Scorpio, standing in opposition to the moon, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus have a very strong message for us.

The word that they whispered in my ear was fear.

This week I talked with a dear friend. I shared with her that since the war started, I am afraid. I’ve been having constant nightmares. I am worried about the future of the Jewish people and the future of Israel. I am worried about the entire world, and my son’s future in it.

My friend told me that if I give in to the fear, then the terrorists won.

Fear is an emotion, and you probably already know that my stand about emotions is that we need to embrace them and feel them. But when we act out of our fear, we are not aligned. Fear shrinks us, it gets us into a fight or flight mode. If we are not in a life-threatening situation, acting like we are does not serve us well.

Taurus seeks stability and comfort. At the low road, she is afraid that she won’t have the means to feel safe and secure. She won’t have the money to maintain her house and her lifestyle. She might be forced to make some changes, which is the thing she hates most. These fears are very deep and existential.  

Scorpio seeks control. In some sense, Scorpio is fear itself. It is the dark abyss that stretches below the rug that can be pulled underneath us at any moment.

At the low road, Scorpio fears the darkness outside us and the darkness inside us. She is afraid of everything she knows and everything she doesn’t. She senses what others don’t and it constantly spooks her. She has nightmares from previous and future lives. She knows when people are not authentic with her, and she is afraid of their hidden motives.

The antidote of fear is trust. When we trust ourselves and trust the world, there is a deep sense of wellbeing. We know that after every crisis comes regeneration and after every war comes peace. We trust that every wound can be healed and that the good forces of the universe will overcome evil.

The high road of Taurus is to trust that the chaos will end, and things will get back to how they were before.

The high road of Scorpio is to trust that the chaos will generate an essential transformation that will eventually make things better. Scorpio knows that when the rug is pulled from underneath us, we learn how to fly.

Fear is a natural, essential part of life. When we face our fears and do the things that scare us, we grow and evolve. The things that scare us are usually the most important and meaningful steps that we take in our lives.

I remember how I felt before I moved to the US. I didn’t know anyone in Asheville. My husband had his job, but I had no idea how things would work for me professionally and socially.

In Israel we had a beautiful house in a town we loved. I had a huge network of friends, students, and clients. It was crazy to leave everything behind at age 48 and move to a place that I’d never even been to. Two and a half years later, I can say that this move was one of the best things I‘ve ever done.

Fear is the seat of every transformation. Last Friday I taught a class to my fellow certified astrologers. It was a part of an initiation aimed to help us connect and support one another. It was nerve wracking, because I was the first one to teach and because most of my fellow astrologers are more experienced than I am. The class was not only a huge success, but also a super meaningful and significant point in my professional evolution.

The scarier it is, the more growth potential it holds.

These are scary times. The future of the world is at stake. If Israel losses this war, the entire world will be at the mercy of extreme forces that do not believe in democracy and human rights. The hostages must be returned for the world to become humane again. It is important and necessary to be afraid. But it is also important to trust that what is happening right now will bring a necessary transformation. That people will finally wake up and see the truth.  

During this week, and especially on Sunday’s full moon and lunar eclipse, reflect on your relationship with fear. Do you try to control everything to prevent your fears from coming true? Do you tell yourself that there is no reason to be afraid? Do you embrace the fear and allow it to reside in you, or do you push it away? Do you let fear rule you, or are you able to hold both fear and trust?

More Information on This Week’s Astrology:

Event of the week: Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, Sunday, October 29.

Aspects of the week: Mars conjunct sun, Jupiter opposite sun. Pluto square sun until Tuesday, October 30. Saturn trine sun until Thursday November 2.

Dominant Elements: water and earth.

Missing elements: fire and air.

More Details:

  • Sunday, October 29, Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Scorpio. Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus in Taurus. Venus in Virgo.
  • Monday, October 30, moon enters Gemini.
  • Wednesday, November 1, moon enters Cancer.
  • Saturday, November 4, moon enters Leo.

Wishing you a wonderful week and a happy Halloween,

Praying that our hostages will be returned quickly, healthy and well,

With love


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