Full moon in Virgo – Finding Joy Through Frustration (Yes, You Read it Right)

February 24, 2024

My last week was frustrating. It started with me bumping into our bedroom sheet storage trunk and severely injuring my fourth toe. It continued with a minor but painful health condition and a treatment that made things worse. On top of that, there was a sense of confusion about all the things I want to accomplish and the feeling that I didn’t utilize my time well.

To deal with my frustration, and find joy through it, I first had to acknowledge it. I had to admit that I was frustrated. Then I could process my frustration by contemplating, journaling, and having honest conversations about it.

The full moon in Virgo, this Saturday, seeks to solve frustration through identifying the causes of it and deciding on the appropriate course of action. What can I do to eat better, sleep better, and be more organized with my tasks and priorities?

Virgo has the sharp observation to see the flaws, and the intelligence to find the best way to fix them. For example, notes to self: don’t walk with your face stuck in a smartphone screen to avoid bumping into things and injuring yourself. Go to yoga, even when you feel weak and miserable, because it will make you feel stronger. 

The sun in Pisces brings an entirely different perspective. Pisces deals with frustration through acceptance. Pisces allows me to step out of my story and see that everything is already perfect, just the way it is. I am perfect, even when I bump into things. I am perfect, even when I am confused, and even when things don’t work out the way I want them to. Pisces takes me away from my judgmental mind and shows me that I am actually doing great and that I am more productive than I give myself credit for.

Pisces tells me that there is a reason why things are the way they are. That the injury and the health issues were meant to slow me down and make me rest because this is what I really need in order to fulfill my purpose. Pisces reminds me that the world operates through benevolent forces. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that they are present, but Pisces gives me hope and reassurance that they are. “Trust the creation and trust yourself, because you are a part of it”, it says.

Too much of Virgo and we get overwhelmed by judgement and criticism. We become grumpy about how things are so terribly bad. We want to fix everything now, and we have no patience and trust that sometimes all we can do is plant the seed, and change will eventually unfold. We get so caught up with everything that is wrong, that we forget to see what’s right.

Too much of Pisces and we get carried away with daydreaming and doing nothing. We trust that everything will work out, and we forget that we actually have to do something to make it happen. Sometimes we try to hold on to the Pisces approach but inside, we don’t really buy into our peace, love, and trust story. This is when our lack of action makes us anxious and neurotic, and our frustration only increases.

If we balance these two forces while dealing with our frustration, we find joy. We use our frustration as a motivating force for action, as well as a source for growth and compassion.

On this Full Moon in Virgo, we are called to bring these two forces into a healthy balance. This is a time to ask yourself:

  • Do I have a planned course of action to change the situations that cause me frustration?
  • Am I caught up in my frustration that I find it hard to trust that everything is perfect just the way it is?
  • Do I dwell in the la la land of not worrying about a thing, while in fact, underneath, I am anxious and worried?
  • Can I step away from my judgement and give myself credit for the great work that I do and the achievements I already accomplished?
  • How can I balance action with trust? Can I see everything that’s wrong and work to fix it, while also remembering that everything is perfect and trusting that it will all work out?

Wishing you a happy Virgo Full Moon and a wonderful week,

With love,


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More Astrological Information This Week

  • Event of the week: Full Moon in Virgo

    Aspect of the week: Saturn conjunct Sun.

    Dominant Element: Water.

    Missing element: Fire.


    • Saturday, February 24, Sun and Mercury in Pisces, Full Moon in Virgo, Venus and Mars in Aquarius.
    • Monday, February 26, Moon enters Libra.
    • Wednesday, February 28, Moon enters Scorpio.
    • Saturday, March 2, Moon enters Sagittarius.

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