Full Moon in Pisces – How to be Practical Without Limiting Ourselves  

August 26, 2023

I was directed to practicality from an early age. I grew up in a family where, like most families in the early seventies, my father was the provider, and my mother was a housewife. I could not ignore the power my father had over my mother whenever they made decisions for our family. He was the one to make the call.

My mother wanted to travel, but she did not have the resources, even though she was working as hard as my dad, maybe even harder: raising three kids, taking care of a wicked in-law, doing laundry, cooking, buying groceries, signing us up to school and after school activities, and so on.

I was determined to make money and be independent. I was not going to let any man make the calls for me. Then when my mother died, and my father moved on to his new family, I did not have a choice. When I chose my B.A program, there was no question about dreams, fulfillment or being in service. I was in a survival mode.

My path led me to a place where I could travel anywhere I wanted and buy whatever I wanted, but my soul was dying. In my mid-thirties, I shifted from practicality to complete faith in the universe. I left my lucrative job and refused many other financial job-offers to become a yoga teacher and to co-own a yoga studio. During these years, I barely made any money and used up a lot of my savings.

Even though I was still not entirely happy, I was happier and became a better person. I started to learn to trust myself and the world. This was when I met my teacher, Debra Silverman. She helped me reconnect with my strong practical side. With Debra’s guidance, I integrated my sense of trust and big dreams, with my pragmatism.

When I was 40, I took a leap of faith, left everything I had in Israel, and planned a journey in the US, with the belief that this was my right place. While I was following a dream, I was also practical about it. I started looking for financial positions at nonprofits. I was hoping to find a company that would sponsor my work visa and allow me to do good in the world.  

This combination of practical dreaming led me to a place where I do exactly what I came to do in this life. Even though I am still not providing for my family, I know I am on my way. I am investing in myself and in my business. It is practical and calculated. I know the result will not be late to come. I no longer see my financial codependency as a weakness but as a gift. When you are on your right path, the universe finds ways to support you.

When clients ask for advice regarding their career path, I always try to combine practicality with dreaming big. Every person who became famous for what she does, had to dream and envision it. The world will rarely give you more than what you ask for, like no employer will pay you more than you requested.

Often, it is our practical perception that limits us. On the other hand, being a dreamer without any practicality can put us into trouble. We can find ourselves under the burden of debt that does not support creativity or success.

The dialogue between these two aspects is the theme of this coming full moon in Pisces on Wednesday August 30. Sun in Virgo, and four more planets in earth element, are all about practicality. They are asking us to work and make money for our pension, to save for a rainy day, and to live up to our means.

Saturn opposite the sun could be restricting us and telling us that dreams don’t always come true.While this is true, there is another side to this coin, and this is the side of moon in Pisces and Jupiter trine sun. Some dreams do come true. If we don’t allow ourselves to dream and work towards fulfilling our dreams, they never will. If we do, we have some chance to bring them to manifestation.

One of my dreams was to become a teacher at Debra Silverman’s astrology school. The semester is starting September 11 and enrollment ends August 31. I will be teaching Level 1, which is meant for personal transformation and teaches the alphabet of astrology for those who want to continue and become astrologers. My class is on Tuesdays at 12:30pm EST, and has a few spots left. I welcome you to join me. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions. You can email me or write me on IG or Facebook.

Journaling suggestions for this week of full moon in Pisces:

  • In which aspects of my life am I practical and grounded and what still needs improvement?
  • Do I feel that I am in my right place? Doing what I was meant to do? If not, do I know where I want to be?
  • Do I allow myself to dream big and believe that the sky is the limit for me?
  • What is my relationship with money, savings, insurances, and pension funds?

And speaking of money, this coming Thursday at 1:30pm, I will host Sarah Mac, the founder of The Creative Magic Club, live on IG. Sarah will give tips to all the creators in the audience on how to make more money from what we do.

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More Detailed Information About This Week’s Astrology:

Event of the week: full moon in Pisces, Wednesday, August 30.

Retrogrades of the week: Mercury and Venus both retrograde.

Dominant element: 5 planets in earth

Aspects: Saturn opposite sun, Jupiter trine sun from Monday, August 28.

More details:

    • Sunday, August 27, sun and Mercury retrograde in Virgo, Moon in Capricorn, Mars enters Libra, Venus retrograde in Leo.
    • Monday, August 28, moon enters Aquarius.
    • Wednesday, August 30, moon enters Pisces, full moon in Pisces.
    • Friday, September 1, moon enters Aries.

Have a wonderful week,

With love,


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