4 Planets in Pisces & 3 in Aquarius – Why is Getting Unsettled Sometimes Necessary for Our Growth? 

March 2, 2024

This week we have four to five planets in Pisces and three planets in Aquarius. These two signs are highly creative and transpersonal; they are about our relationship with the universe. On the high road, they are here to support humanity’s evolution. Aquarius does that through research, technology, science, and astrology. Pisces does that through healing, compassion, meditation, and faith.

When they come together in such big doses, however, they might make us feel very ungrounded and unsettled. Aquarius is rebellious and erratic, and Pisces is floating in space. If you feel that it is harder for you to be focused and goal oriented, you are not alone.

The heavenly influences are always for us. They don’t want to distract us for fun, they want to help us evolve. So how does this unsettling energy help us?

Imagine that all your projects, endeavors, and ideas were trees. Some of them were just recently planted and are still young and flexible, some are grand, well rooted and established. During a storm, some trees will fall, some will lose branches, some will break or burn, and some, some will stay strong and intact.

The unsettling energy helps us let go of all the trees that we no longer need in our forest. It helps make room for planting new trees when we enter the new astrological year in spring, as the sun enters Aries.

Pisces might make us disoriented. If we were thrown with the storm and realized that we were not in Kansas anymore, would we still aim to find our way home? Or will we realize that we don’t want to go back to the home we left behind? Maybe we will thank the wind for taking us to a whole new direction.

When we get distracted, disoriented, unsettled, we need to find our groundedness and our home within us. We need to find our connection with our soul. The strong trees that will stay and thrive, have roots in our soul, and those that fall, do not.

Pisces might show us that we need much less than what we initially thought. We enter Pisces at the end of the winter when many trees are bare naked. Pisces is asking us to stand naked like the trees, to shed everything that does no longer serve us. Pisces wants us to stop caring about how we look to the outside world. It wants us to go deep within and ask our soul, “are you happy with the direction I take? Do you support my actions?” The soul is always loving and compassionate, but it also has an agenda, because it remembers our life purpose and it wants us to fulfill it.

Pisces season is not a time to create new aspirations, but rather a time to shake out our present aspirations to see what stays put and what doesn’t.

During Pisces season, and especially with the forces this week, it is a good idea to take some time to rest, relax and rejuvenate. I certainly felt the need to step away from my usual busyness and make some space for spacing out.

As part of my taking-it-easy mode, I started watching the Netflix show, Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones, in which best-selling author Dan Buettner visits places with the highest rates of centenarians. In the second episode, Buettner visits Sardinia, Italy. The most unique fact about Sardinia is that is has equal number of centenarian men and woman.

The men in Sardinia are mostly shepherds. They work but they don’t suffer from chronic stress. Discussing the issue of stress, the guest Dr Mithu Storoni says that “today in our modern world, through social media and news media, we are brought all the problems of the whole world. These are problems you cannot physically control, but you can control how you treat your goat to make sure that your flock is healthy.This sense of active coping where you can resolve the problems that you are given, is a very important part of mental health, cognitive longevity, and stress resilience.”

When we space out, it is a good idea not to consume too much information on global problems that we cannot actively cope with. Checking the news these days is scary and nerve-racking. I do not believe in disconnecting ourselves from what’s happening, but endless consumption of information makes us stressed in a very unhealthy way.

Pisces is asking us to rest and space out in a way that nourishes our soul and our creativity, not in a way that stresses us out and depletes us.

This week, take some time off to relax, read a magazine or a book, watch an uplifting TV show (I highly recommend The Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts), or even better, just do nothing. Let me know how it felt. I promise you that it will transform your life.

Have a wonderful week,

With love,


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More Astrological Information This Week

Aspects this week: Saturn conjunct Sun. Neptune conjunct Sun from Wednesday, March 6.

Dominant element: water.

Missing element: fire


  • Sunday, March 3, Sun and Mercury in Pisces. Moon in Sagittarius. Venus and Mars in Aquarius.
  • Monday, March 4, Moon enters Capricorn.
  • Wednesday, March 6, Moon enters Aquarius.
  • Friday, March 8, Moon enters Pisces.
  • Saturday, March 9, Mercury enters Aries.

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