Be a Good Witch, a Peaceful Warrior and Don’t Forget to Space Out – Weekly Update 

March 26, 2022

This week starts with moon, mars, Venus and Saturn in Aquarius. Mercury has just joined the sun in Aries. Both Aries and Aquarius are very individualistic. They like to walk their own path; they do not like to follow. Aries initiates, Aquarius invents. Aquarius wants all humans to be happy and free, Aries is willing to fight for it. Jupiter in Pisces increases compassion and spirituality, but the strong Piscean influence is now gone; we move into a fast, direct, and active energy. Use the moon in Aquarius to make strategic planning for your career, your life, and your dreams. Sun in Aries will tell you – you can do it! Just do it!

On Tuesday 3.29 the moon enters Pisces and reminds us how important it is to space out. We are constantly busy. When we are not, we get stuck with our phones, social media and the news. Creative ideas and insights happen when you allow them some space. One of the main problems of kids nowadays is that they don’t get enough space-out time. When kids get bored, their care takers rush to entertain them. This way, children don’t get the opportunity to develop their creativity and inner world. Moon in Pisces reminds you the importance of boredom.

On 3.31 the moon enters Aries, and on 4.1 there is a new moon is Aries. Even though the sun and the moon will both be in fiery Aries, new moons are always about going inwards. This new moon asks you to contemplate about your relationship with fire, leadership, and initiation:

  • Do you let life happen to you or do you actively choose your path?
  • How often do you insist on doing things your way and how often do you compromise to please others?
  • Do you let yourself be wild, spontaneous, honest, and free?

Most of us do not have a healthy fire. It is not in our culture to allow people to be fiery, especially when it comes to women. Fiery women of old times were burned at the stake. We still carry this memory within us, it is still our story.

A friend who studies astrology told me her husband suggested that by becoming as astrologer, she was turning into a witch. She took it as an insult. I told her that during my studies, my teacher, Debra Silverman, told me that I was definitely a witch in my previous lives. I took it as the biggest compliment ever. “Tell your husband you are a witch”, I encouraged my friend.

Women who dare to be blunt, sexual, wild and outspoken, are not socially accepted. Women are still expected to be well behaved and well mannered, good daughters, good mothers, good sisters, good wives. We were raised to please, to charm, we were raised to be Libras. But Libra is exactly opposite to Aries!

Obviously, you do not want to be feisty. The middle path is always the right path. On this new moon, find your way to be assertive and not aggressive, be a good witch, a peaceful warrior.

Have a wonderful, powerful week,

With love,



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