When Venus & Mercury Retrograde

January 15, 2022

Venus started retrograding on December 19th 2021 and will keep retrograding till January 29th 2022.

Yesterday, Jan 14th 2022, Mercury started retrograding. The Mercury Retrograde period will last till February 3rd 2022.

Now both Mercury and Venus retrograde.

My head is out of order, my heart is out of control.

But the truth is I love those retrogrades.


Because they make me stop.

Not to rush to spill my mind and my heart.

Contemplate whatever I want to communicate- is it necessary? Is it beneficial?

Even if I really want to write the email or communicate something or buy something and it feels like the most important thing to do in the world,

I still stop.

Take a deep breath.

If it’s necessary and beneficial and important, it will still be a month from now,

Then everything gets into proportion.

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