When Venus Meets Mars. Feb & Mar 2022

February 6, 2022

Today I’ll talk about one of my favorite subjects in the world. Love. We have entered a Venus and Mars conjunction. This conjunction will last two months, instead of the normal ten days this conjunction usually gets. These two planets are all about love. Venus is feminine, beautiful, charming, temptations and seductive. She is the goddess of love, sex, and fertility. Mars is masculine, assertive, passionate. He is the god of war. In the natal chart Mars represents sexuality.

Venus conjuncts Mars brings love and passion together. Yin and yang, shiva and shakti. But it is not necessarily a spiritual union. It is very earthy, sensual, sexual, lustful, connection. It brings passion (Mars) into love (Venus), or the other way around. It can ignite the fire in long term relationships and can bring the desire for commitment in new passionate relationships. It is a lot of romance and desire; it’s dealing with issues concerning your love life. It marks the beginning of a romantic cycle, in old and new relationships alike.

But it is important to know something about the union of Venus and Mars. In the mythology, Venus knew Mars when she was already married to Vulcan, who was old and unattractive. Venus and Mars couldn’t resist each other and had an affair which led to the birth of five children, one of them is cupid, the god of desire, erotic love, attraction, and affection. Vulcan found out about this affair, caught the two lovers in a net and exposed them in their act to all the gods. Venus had other lovers, Mercury is one to mention, but for some reason the love affair between Venus and Mars was the forbidden one.

What does it all mean? We are complicated. Love is complicated. We don’t choose the people we love. My teacher, Debra Silverman, always says that Cupid does not check natal charts computability when he shoots his arrow. It’s hard to fit love into a box. Aquarians hate to fit anything into the box anyway.

It is so interesting that this Venus Mars conjunction comes right after Venus retrograded. During the retrograde you were asked to redefine your relationship values. Now you got an opportunity to implement what you’ve learned. You can renew your relationships and rejoice in love, but you must come to it with open eyes and a true heart. You must come to it as authentic as you can be, said Sun in Aquarius.

This conjunction will last till the end of March, through sun in Pisces and even few days into Sun in Aries. When the Sun will be in Pisces, from Feb 18 to Mar 19, you can add a spiritual connection to this Venus Mars combo. No romantic love is ever completely unconditional, but some relationships have this element of deep, spiritual, unconditional love, more than others. On March 1 the Venus retrograde post shadow period will be over and that will help to boost romance and relationships. When the Sun will move to Aries, on Mar 20, the fiery passionate side will probably become more dominant in your new or renewed love relationship.

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