Weekly Update – Breathe In Pain, Breathe Out Healing

March 5, 2022

Sometimes you got to put your head on a sturdy rock in the middle of a waterfall. Feel the sun rays on your face. The world goes on, it has been here long before you, and it will be here long after you.

Moon in Taurus asks “Why is it that as soon as we emerge out of two challenging years of COVID, we get this war? Why can’t we just rejoice for a minute, enjoy the simple pleasures of spring and a life without masks, quarantines and COVID tests?”

Sun in Pisces answers “Why do you expect things to be lovely? Who told you that this is what you signed up for? You came here to experience being a human, and that means pleasure and pain, war and peace, contentment and frustration.”

Whenever I suffer, I breathe in the pain and breathe out healing to all people who suffer. This is a brilliant exercise I learned from Pema Chodron. It is called Tonglen. It teaches us not to reject pain, not to reject discomfort. It teaches us to accept pain, frustration, and suffering as an essential part of being.  

On Sunday Mar 6, you might feel a big shift when Venus and Mars move together from Capricorn to Aquarius. Four planets in Aquarius add lots of mental humanitarian activity, a wish to make the world a better place. We all see what’s happening in Ukraine and cannot believe our eyes. How can this be happening? Aquarius and Pisces are both here for humanity, for the world, for peace. Let’s pray that these strong forces, with Jupiter and Neptune on the sun, help bring peace, help end this horrifying war.

On March 6 and 7, the moon in Taurus is very sweet. With sun in Pisces, it gives a soft and pleasant feeling. Taurus grounds spacy Pisces, and Pisces adds some mysticism to practical Taurus.

On March 8, 9 and 10, the moon is in Gemini. Talk your emotions, meet a friend. Don’t keep it in. Yes, we must accept pain and suffering, but it does not mean we can’t air it out and make things a little lighter.

On March 9, Mercury enters Pisces. There will be four planets in Pisces and our sensitivity will be heightened. When Mercury is in Pisces our thoughts are more poetic and creative than usual. Use it well.

On March 11 and 12, the moon is in Cancer and makes a total of five planets in Water! If you feel super emotional on these days, it’s okay. If you feel that it’s too much, it might mean that you usually don’t allow your emotions space and now they are overflowing.

This week has no fire in the heavens, so it’s super important to keep your fire healthy. Move energy, express yourself, be active, joyful, and loud. Yes, there is a bloody war going on. You need to keep on living. You need to fulfill your part in this life, in this world. You need to do whatever you can to help those who suffer, to bring peace. For that, you need to be the best version of yourself.

Love & Peace,



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