Weekly News Update – Feel The Chaos? Go To Your Body.

January 16, 2022

Weekly Update for the week of Sunday Jan 16th 2022 – Saturday Jan 22nd 2022

We start the week with:

  • Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn
  • Mercury Retrogrades in Aquarius
  • Venus Retrogrades in Capricorn
  • Moon in Cancer
  • Jupiter in Pisces
  • Mars in Sagittarius

The retrogrades and the Pluto-sun conjunction are intense, there is no doubt, but it also depends on what you do with them. Do you allow yourself to slow down? Do you go inwards to reevaluate your relationships with self and others? Do you dive deeper to understand your needs and wants?

Mercury in Aquarius is brilliant, it’s thinking outside of the box. When it retrogrades, it can make us a little dumb; the mind is super scattered. I already got injured few times this week. It takes me forever to cook as I keep forgetting what was I looking for in the fridge? My mind tends to drift away, thinking about…relationships (Venus retrogrades) the meaning of life (Pluto conjunct sun) the meaning of my work (Sun in Capricorn).

At times it feels so chaotic.

What should you do then?

Go to your body.

The mind drives you insane. It keeps telling stories, analyzing, over analyzing, and now is really not the time to do that. The only way to understand anything right now is to relay on your body.

How to do that? Whenever you feel too scattered, too crazy, too intense, too overwhelmed, close your eyes. Put your hands on your heart. Feel.

What do you feel? Do you feel pain? softness? Tension? Expansion? Contraction? 

Where do you feel? Is it in your throat, in your heart, in your belly, in your lungs?

This exercise always grounds me. Sometimes it does bring the acknowledgment of pain, but it is good. It is crucial that you allow yourself to experience your pain, if you don’t, it will never go away.

The moon in Cancer on the 15th, 16th and beginning of 17th, makes it easier to connect to your emotional body. Jupiter in Pisces also helps. You can see the bigger picture of your being here. You can work with your pain compassionately.

On Monday, January 17th, we have a full moon in Cancer. This would be a great time to go deeper and find the connection between your heart and your work. Are you close to your heart when you do your work in the world? Do you express your heart? Does your outer world (Capricorn) reflect your inner world (Cancer)? How can you bring more authenticity, honesty, and truth to your public life? To your work?

On the17 th, 18th and 19th the moon is in Leo. It can bring lightheartedness to the situation, or, it can add fire and drama to the intensity. If you don’t know to work with fire it might be the later. On these days it is especially beneficial to move your body, sing, dance, play, connect with your inner child, see how you can bring playfulness to your life, to your work. Mars in Sagittarius can certainly help with that as your action planet is in the fire sign of optimism and fun.

On the 19th the sun enters Aquarius. This is a time to tell a new story, to shake yourself from old patterns, to set yourself free – through working with the retrogrades, working with Pluto conjunct sun. Through understanding where you are challenged, where you are not authentic, where you are not true to yourself, or where you can be more synched with your deep needs and wants. Break free from old habits and patterns, by seeing the big picture with detachment, by looking at yourself as a part of humanity, by seeing this time as a part of a huge sequence of endless reincarnations. It helps not to take things so personality. They usually aren’t.

On the 20th and 21st and 22nd – the moon is in Virgo and Uranus start squaring the Sun. Virgo can help you organize the mess of the current tension, or it might not, because it is ruled by Mercury which retrogrades.

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, squares the sun in Aquarius is not great. It means that you might tend to take on the challenging aspects of Aquarius rather than the positive ones. You might feel like you need more freedom but can’t have it. You might feel the need to not follow even though the best thing is to follow. You might have an exaugurated need for excitement that won’t allow you to be at peace with your daily routine.

If this happens, go back to the excursive from the beginning – go back to your body.

On the 22nd, moon enters Libra. Maybe this will help bring more harmony to the end of this week.

Have a wonderful week,



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