Virgo Full Moon & Saturn in Pisces – How Often Do You Ask, “Is This My Own Imagination?” 

March 4, 2023

I’ve always had a wild imagination. My dreams and thoughts have always been especially surreal and absurd.

I have a lot of Pisces in my chart. It makes me highly intuitive. I can read between the lines and hear the unspoken.

My imagination generates stories and ideas. It is what ignites my writing and creative projects.

But like everything in life, having a wonderful imagination also has a downside. For many years, I have struggled with understanding what’s real and what’s not.

I went through a huge crisis with trusting my intuition when for years I was certain a man I loved had feelings for me. When my perception met reality, it was always disappointing. It led to a great deal of suffering.

This is one of the reasons I love astrology. It is not just about intuition.

A renowned psychic once told me something about my previous life that did not support me in any way. When I asked her about it, she said she could not take responsibility for what she had said when she channeled.

In an astrology reading, I can take responsibility. I can stand by my words. This is important for me.

Wishful thinking and illusion can especially be strong when it comes to romantic love. So often we get confused by what we feel and what is said and shown to us. I have met many who have struggled with this gap.

Virgo is a grounded, earthy sign. Virgos have an amazing ability to observe and detect what’s real. They pay attention to the little details and to what is practical and concrete. But they also suffer from a specific type of illusion, which for some reason, most of us suffer from.

Many of us lead our lives under the illusion that we are not good enough, not doing well enough, not lovable enough or not successful enough, while nothing can be further away from the truth.

A client once told me she felt like her life was a waste. She was a successful career woman, a devoted mother, and a loving partner. She was very accomplished and had done great things to make this world a better place. Her accomplishments had always been financially well-rewarded. There was no reality in which her life was a waste. 

Pisces’ illusion tends to be more optimistic and vaster than Virgo’s. Pisces might feel that someone loves her, while this perception has no basis. She could travel with full trust that the universal energies will take care of her and get into trouble because she did not take care of her visa or did not make itinerary reservations ahead of time.

Virgo, on the other hand, will tend to think about all the details, worry about everything that could possibly go wrong, and take care of everything in advance. But this approach might lead to stress and reduce her ability to enjoy her trip.

If Pisces does get stuck, she believes that it is all for the best. So is certain that somehow, her getting stuck saves her, and will direct her towards a new destination that will end up being much better than her original plan.

On Tuesday, Saturn enters Pisces. It will stay there till February 13, 2026, except for a few months break towards the end. Saturn is the planet of structure. In many ways it represents our maturity and perception of reality. Saturn in Pisces will ask us to learn to separate illusion from reality.

Illusion is a powerful thing. It can open our minds and broaden our horizons. Our fantasies show us what it is that we really want. They are a doorway to creative expression. But illusion and fantasies are only great if we perceive them as such. When we start confusing them with reality, they bring suffering. 

Pisces relates to our right brain. Virgo and Saturn relate to our left brain.

According to Waldorf education, it is important that in the first seven years of our lives, we are allowed to develop our inner world and imagination. Once we start academic learning such as reading, writing and math, we move into our left brain and the magic of being in the right brain is lost.

It is unfortunate that the educational system nowadays pushes children to start academic learning in kindergarten. Luckily my Pisces son is so connected to his right brain, that no one will take it away from him, at least not now.

This week, Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, conjuncts the sun. This makes the Piscean energy even stronger. It is a wonderful week to dive into your own imagination and be poetic and creative as you possibly can.

When it comes to the full moon on Tuesday, we want to find a balance between the two opposing forces of Pisces and Virgo.

On this full moon, ask yourself:

  • Do I tend to feel confused about what I perceive as real? Do I get disappointed often when my perceptions meet reality?
  • Do I stay practical and grounded, and don’t allow myself to play with my illusions and imagination? Do I suffer from lack of inspiration and creativity?

The key is to find the middle path between these forces.

If you are more Piscean in nature, seek groundedness. Get down to earth by sticking to concrete facts.

If you are more Virgo in nature, allow yourself to expand. Try to not always make plans and keep gaps for unexpected surprises. Allow yourself to dive into a fantasy world where your biggest dreams are coming true or develop your imagination by writing a fictional story.

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More Detailed Information About This Week’s Astrology:

    • Aspects of the week: Neptune conjunct sun, Mars square sun.
    • Sunday, March 5, Moon enters Virgo.
    • Tuesday, March 7, full moon in Virgo, Saturn enters Pisces!
    • Wednesday, March 8, Moon enters Libra.
    • Friday, March 10, Moon enters Scorpio, 5 planets in water.

Have a wonderful week,

With love,


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