Valentine’s Week Astrology Update – Full Moon in Leo, Drama Vs Detachment, and more

February 12, 2022

The last week was charged with lots of weird energies. I would not exaggerate to say that it was one of the weirdest, most meaningful, epic weeks of my life. I felt like walking in a maze. Every turn led to another turn; the road ahead was unknown. I was shocked and surprised so frequently, I was freed from many misconceptions. This is the Uranian Aquarian energy at its best. It shocks you to set you free. The process is usually unpleasant, but you can’t argue with results.

We start this week with:

On Monday the 14, the moon enters Leo and there is nothing more appropriate for Valentine’s Day than that. This is the day to shine and celebrate love with passion. Venus conjuncts Mars will take care of the spark.

On Tuesday Feb 15, the sun finally leaves Saturn, and we should feel a sense of relief.

On Wednesday Feb 16, there is a full moon in Leo. A full moon always brings a dialogue between two opposing forces. Aquarius likes to be in the position of the observer. It watches what’s going on without being emotionally caught up in the story. Leo, on the other hand, is all about emotional drama. What’s life without some passion, romance, and broken hearts? Complicated life dramas make great stories, TV shows and movies. We all need some of it. But sometimes the drama takes over. The mind becomes a broken record, the heart becomes a junkie for excitements and tragedies. Can you find the middle path between drama and detachment? Can you immerse in your stories and emotions, while knowing that they don’t define you? Can you acknowledge that you are a divine being greater than all the dramas you create and still stay close and true to your heart? 

On Friday Feb 18, the sun enters Pisces. We will say goodbye to Aquarius and move into the last sign on the zodiac, to conclude this astrological year. The energies should feel softer, gentler, sweeter. You might feel more mystical, spiritual, creative and poetic. There are no major challenges in the heavens. The sun is getting closer to Jupiter, the planet of good luck. Venus conjuncts Mars while the sun is in Pisces can bring compassion and spirituality into your romantic relationships.  

Enjoy this week of love!

With love,


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