Valentine’s Day in the Aquarian Eyes – What Makes a Good Relationship? 

February 11, 2023

This is the last week of Aquarius season. On Saturday, February 18, the sun will enter Pisces and we will feel a shift in the energy. But before we go so far, let’s talk about Valentine’s Day.

The notion of romantic love and the way we do marriage have not always been the same. From primitive forms of sexual partnerships through arranged marriages, the way we perceive romantic love is quite new and ever changing.

My grandparents fell in love. They wrote letters to one another when my grandfather served the British military in Egypt and my grandma stayed in Tel Aviv. I remember my grandma telling me about meeting my grandfather when he came back. Her eyes glittered with joy.

But their marriage was bad. They resented, even hated each other. Divorce was not acceptable at that time. In fact, divorce was not even a legal option for centuries. Divorce was legalized in Italy in 1974 and in Spain in 1981. California was the first state in the US to legalize “no-fault” divorce in 1969.

The legalization of no-fault divorce, which allows people to legally separate without proving any fault, has brought freedom to marriages, just like birth control pills brought freedom to sex. These are two influences of the Aquarian age.

Imagine you encounter an alien who has just landed on earth. She asks you about your life. At a certain point, you will surely tell her about love. You might say that you are looking for love, that you are in a relationship or a marriage, that you have a few relationships, or that you are divorced.

The alien looks at you puzzled with her three eyes and asks – what is the purpose of love, relationships, marriage, and divorce?

Aquarians question everything. Nothing is taken for granted. Just like scientists. Isaac Newton formulated the concept of gravity when he questioned an apple falling from a tree. It was something he probably saw as often as we receive spam calls, and yet, he did not take it for granted.

When we talk about one of the biggest keys for a successful relationship it’s not taking each other for granted.

But what else? If you had to explain the three-eyed alien what is a good loving romantic relationship, what would you tell her?

I do not claim to know all the answers. I am only married for nine years. But I do have a good marriage and I have a lot of experience discussing my client’s relationships, reading couples charts, and writing about love and relationships. I think I know something valuable I can share.

Our first and foremost commitment today, I would tell the Aquarian alien, is to lead a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. Some of us love the idea of being committed to another person, but we stay together only if our relationships support our personal happiness.

A good relationship is not about the other person meeting a list of criteria. It is not about being constantly in love. It’s not about the absence of struggles and challenges. Seriously. There is no such thing as a challenge-free relationship.

Sharing a life with another person is big. In some respects, it’s easier than being alone, and in some respects it’s harder.

Since my husband and I got together, I wanted to live in the US, and he wanted to live in Israel. This conflict has always created a tension in our marriage. When we eventually moved to the US, after seven years in Israel, our marriage almost fell apart.

Since we were lucky to have a good foundation and many good reasons to want to stay together, we found the motivation and strength to make this crisis an opportunity for growth. Today our relationship is better than it was ever before.

The foundations of a good relationship are:

  1. Friendship

Do you talk with one another on issues other than who picks up the kids and who does the dishes? Do you have meaningful conversations? Do you consult with one another when making important decisions? Are you honest with each other? Can you express yourselves authentically in the relationship? Do you enjoy each other’s company? Would you choose to spend time together even if you were not committed?

  1. Sexual Connection

I give this one second priority because I believe it is one of the most important ingredients for a good relationship. While there might be natural ups and downs in your sexual connection, if there is no growth in your ability to reach sexual intimacy and enjoy each other physically, there is usually no growth in other areas of the relationship.

  1. Nourishment

A good relationship must feel to our hearts like a good healthy meal feels to our body.

Do you feel loved? Do you feel that the other person cares about your happiness? Do they act to support your happiness?  Do you feel that they are there for you when you need them? Do you feel that you can trust them? Do you feel that they fill up your heart’s tank?

Make sure that you are nourished but also that you nourish the other.

  1. Soul connection

If you are looking for a relationship, it is best to ask yourself what you want to feel with someone, rather than what kind of appearance, job, and hobbies they will have. Before I met my husband, all I was looking for was a soul connection. A soul connection is something you can feel but can also be verified through astrology reading of relationship charts.


This week, investigate your relationships through the alien eyes of Aquarius. If you are not currently involved in a romantic relationship, ask yourself about your relationship with yourself, your previous relationships, and set your aspirations for your next relationship.

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More Detailed Information About This Week’s Astrology:

    • Aspect of the week: Saturn conjunct sun.
    • Sunday February 12, moon in Scorpio.
    • Tuesday February 14, moon enters Sagittarius.
    • Thursday February 16, moon enters Capricorn.
    • Saturday February 18, sun enters Pisces, moon enters Aquarius.


Happy Valentine’s, 

Have a wonderful week,

With love,


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