Uranus Conjunct Sun in Taurus – Be Comfortable in Your Discomfort Zone

May 2, 2022

The last weekend was intense! New moons are usually calm and relaxed, especially when in Taurus, especially with a strong Pisces in the heavens. But this time we had a solar eclipse, which brought some Scorpioish energy for us to work with. And that’s not it. Uranus is on the sun from April 23 to May 15, plus, we are already in the pre shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde, which will begin May 10. 

The reason why I talk about these influences is not to give you an excuse. It is not to tell you that things are bad. No! Understanding the influences of the heavens should help you work with them in a way that supports your growth.

You can acknowledge the challenge. You can observe your expectation that life will be easy and comfortable. I do not know why we all have this unrealistic expectation. It’s like the anticipation that our body will always stay young, that we will never show signs of aging. Where did that come from?

The current influences are here to tell us the truth. Life is not easy. We do age. We do die. This is the starting point. Now let’s make this an amazing process of working through our challenges, through aging. Let’s make this an awesome journey, so that when we die, we feel at peace because we lived fully, because we got lost so many times until we found the path we were meant to take.  

When it comes to experiencing discomfort, Taurus will do anything to seek comfort, by eating chocolate, cleaning her crystals, taking a hike, or staying at home to watch TV. Scorpio wants to stay with the discomfort and experience it fully, which could have been great if she did not get so absorbed in it. Aquarius wants to observe what’s going on, to read all the relevant articles about the astrological influences, maybe write something about it, but she does not want to be with this discomfort one little bit. This is the source of tension we are feeling right now.

This is the time to ask – how do I deal with discomfort? How do I deal with challenges and uneasiness? Do I immediately convince myself that everything is good? Do I talk about it with friends? Do I eat chocolate to comfort myself? There is no right or wrong, there is just conscious and unconscious. If you are aware that you eat chocolate to deal with discomfort, that’s a start.  

The best way to deal with discomfort is to accept it as a part of the human experience, to experience it physically, emotionally, not to run away from it. Easier said than done.

Uranus conjunct sun can bring unexpected changes, mood swings, or just a pure feeling of weirdness. But it can also be a doorway to brilliance, to seeing things in a new and unique perspective. The more you get creative with it, the better.

From May 4 to May 24 Saturn will square the sun. This will test your discipline, your commitment to what you do. How much do you put your heart into your actions? If you do things out of the desire to serve, out of passion, out of love, out of inspiration, then you can be more comfortable with the discomfort that comes up. You know you have a purpose and it gives you strength.

To synchronize with the moon, follow up the Astro calendar of this month.

I wish you a wonderful week,

With love,


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