Taurus Season – How to Develop a Good Relationship with Money, Beauty, and Abundance

May 6, 2023

How was your eclipse? I have a crazy story to share.

I’ve been suffering from migraines since I was in high school. I’ve tried almost everything, including acupuncture, Ayurveda, supplements, yoga, meditation, and various diets. Nothing made a huge difference.

I try to avoid taking conventional medication, but when it comes to my migraines, this is the only thing that works.

On the morning of the eclipse, I started feeling the migraine that had been bothering me for two weeks. I was taking my supplements and was debating whether to take a pain killer or not. The pill was already on my lips when I analyzed the situation. I had been taking these pills every day for almost two weeks. I did not want to get addicted to them.

I took out the pill and decided that I was just going to suffer the pain of the migraine. 

And this is where the story gets crazy. Remember it was the day of the eclipse? Remember that the eclipse was a magical opportunity to transform?

As soon as I made my decision to not take the pain killer, my two weeks migraine was totally gone! Maybe I just needed to be willing to embrace the pain so that the pain could go away?

What was your magical eclipse story? I’d love to hear it.

On the same day, I met an amazing woman artist who is going to illustrate my book. She said earth signs are often misunderstood and not well appreciated.

This is true. Taurus is often perceived as boring. Who cares about stability, familiarity, and financial security? But this is such an understatement of Taurus.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, beauty, sensuality, self-worth, self-expression, and art.

When Venus rules the earth sign of Taurus, it specifically deals with our relationship with money.

I grew up in a rather poor environment. It was certainly poor compared to how most of my US friends grew up. We did not have a car until I was 12. We did not go to restaurants or travel. We lived in a small apartment and led a simple life.

Ever since I was young, I behaved a little like royalty. When I was asked to help my mother with cleaning the house, I was disgusted and refused to touch the floor cloth. When we went to the beach, I hated the touch of the sand.

My best high school friend was rich. She fascinated me with stories about summer camps she took around the world. She introduced me to Vogue, Elle, fashion, and expensive brands.

I remember the smell of freshly baked chocolate chips cookies that always welcomed us at her beautiful, sophisticated home. It had original paintings, Persian rugs, a library filled with leather bound books, and a drawing room for receiving important guests. It was so different from my small, crowded apartment that smelled like chicken soup.

My mother was an artist. She took me to museums and exposed me to expressionism which I immensely fell in love with, but she did not appreciate my attraction to comfort and luxury. A few times throughout my life, she told me that I probably was switched in the hospital.

Only recently, through working on my relationship with money, I realized that I still carried the wound of being unloved because of my adoration to everything Venus represented.

It is only this year that I was able to heal this wound and say without guilt or shame, that I loved money. That I loved abundance. That I needed to be surrounded by beauty.

Ever since I moved to Asheville, NC, I find myself inhaling more deeply. Everything around me is so beautiful that my heart expands. I want to breath it all in.

Many of us grew with a wrong concept of money. Some grew up with lots of money and saw how it corrupted their families. Some suffered from lack of money, and still live in survival mode, unable to believe that they can ever have enough.

Most of us grew up in environments that perceived money as the highest priority or the source of all evil. Many learned that it’s impolite to discuss money openly. 

Despite of my childhood wound around money, I’ve always lived as if I had it, even when I did not. It does not mean that I was irresponsible with money. I’ve always worked hard. It was more of a state of mind. It was in the way I held my body and walked the earth. And this was how I attracted abundance into my life. This is the power of Venus as the ruler of Taurus. It is the power of responsible attraction.

Many of us struggle with making money, especially women business owners.

A dear friend just told me that she considered becoming a nun at a monastery established by Thich Nhat Hanh. She changed her mind after she compared the lives of the nuns with the monks’. The monks were playing ball games and having fun. The nuns, on the other hand, felt that they had to prove themselves as they were finally permitted to study almost the same materials as the monks. There was no fun time for them.

I think this is what has happened to most of us women today. We are finally allowed to have our businesses and do what we want, but unlike men, we do not take it for granted. We became so serious about proving that we can make money, that we sometimes forget to take it easy, have fun and enjoy the way.

This week of Taurus season, ask yourself:

  • What is my relationship with money? Do I have a background story that takes me away from money and takes money away from me? Sometimes just identifying the story can take us a long way.
  • Do I have enough beauty in my life? Do I want to inhale my surrounding deeply and take it all in? If not, how can I change it?
  • Am I too active and serious about brining abundance into my life? In which ways can I let go and be more passive in attracting what I want into my life?

In this workshop I will work with my dear friend Megan Zwelein. Will use the wisdom of astrology and yoga to balance sun energy and bring more vitality, confidence, excitement, and clarity into your life.

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More Detailed Information About This Week’s Astrology:

    • Aspect of the week: Uranus conjunct sun. From Thursday Pluto trine sun.
    • Retrogrades: Mercury retrogrades, Pluto retrogrades
    • Sunday, May 7, Sun, Mercury and Uranus in Taurus, moon in Sagittarius, Venus and Mars in Cancer. 4 Planets in water
    • Monday, May 8, moon enters Capricorn, 4 planets in earth element.
    • Wednesday, May 10, moon enters Aquarius.
    • Saturday, May 13, moon enters Pisces, 5 planets in water element.

Have a wonderful week,

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