Sun Enters Taurus – Slow Down, Enjoy the Beauty of Spring, it Will Help You Run Faster 

April 17, 2022

We start the week with moon in Scorpio. Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, and Mars are all in Pisces. Pluto still squares the sun and will continue to challenge us throughout the entire week and beyond.

We’ve talked about the need to balance water with fire two weeks ago. It has been the theme of the past weeks. Have you managed to turn your sensitivity and emotions into something beneficial? I did! I took my pain and published a piece with recommendations on how to deal with one sided love, based on my own experience. My heart was broken so many times, I’ve suffered so much pain in my life. I am happy that now I can use my pain to heal others through astrology and writing. This is the highest road of water and fire, turning water – emotions, pain, compassion, and healing powers, to fire – creativity, energy, honesty, initiation, and generosity.

On April 18, the moon enters Sagittarius and helps the sun in Aries glow a little brighter with some optimism, but this is our farewell from Aries season, as on the 19, the sun joins Mercury and Uranus in Taurus.

Taurus is all about slowing down, enjoying the little things in life, experiencing the world though the senses. It is a very sensual and sexy sign. And it is known to be the sun sign of Siddhartha Buddha, the one who learned to release his attachment and trust the world. This is the highest road of Taurus.

For many of us, especially air and fire people, slowing down is a serious bummer. We hate it. Especially when spring just arrived after the long winter, and you want to speed things up and move your energy. But spring is so beautiful. If you are in a constant hurry, can you notice the beauty around you? Are you a smartphone zombie, or do you sometimes lift your gaze and see the world? I look in awe at the colorful bloom. It feels like a moment ago nature was still bare naked, and now it is adorned in magnificent garments. Taurus is asking you to enjoy it. Don’t rush through it. Take a moment, beath the intoxicating scents of spring, touch the little buds on the trees, recognize the wonder in everything around you.

If you do that, you will run even faster, you will achieve even more, because you will do things with a peaceful mind, with a loving heart, in synchroneity with the universe and its rhythms.

On the 20, the moon enters Capricorn and strengthen the already solid earth with four more planets. There are still four planets in Pisces. This is a wonderful combination of earth and spirit that we talked about last week.

On April 23 the moon enters Aquarius and airs thing up a little.

Wishing you a wonderful week,

With love,


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