Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio & Sun Enters Gemini –There are Always Two Sides

May 14, 2022

The week starts with a full moon and a lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Mercury retrogrades while Uranus and Saturn challenge the sun. Uranus will stop challenging the sun tomorrow. Throughout the entire week, Pluto trine the sun and Mars, Jupiter and Neptune all sextile the sun, which means, they support and strengthen us.

It is good that the sun communicates with so many planets. The sun represents your personality, your wants, and your willpower. When the sun stands alone in a chart, not challenged or strengthened by any other planets, it might mean that the personality is isolated, it does not have many action-channels. Even when the sun is challenged it’s good. The challenges are here to wake us up.

Today I went on a short hike with my family. We planned our hike according to the forecast that predicted rain at around 3pm, but as soon as we arrived at our favorite spot, thunders rumbled, and the sky darkened. Mercury retrogrades makes sure to always change our travel plans. A part of me just wanted to stay dry and comfortable, like a good old Taurus, while another part of me wanted to be washed by the pouring rain and experience a deep transformative experience like a good old Scorpio. The rain started pouring and we got soaked from head to toe.

Taurus always wants to stay in the comfort zone. Scorpio wants adventures. Taurus is the long-term relationship where you feel at home and know exactly how your life is going to look like in ten years. Scorpio is the passionate affair that you know will end soon but you give it all you got all the same.

It might sound like transformation always means change, but this is not the case! For some of us, learning to stay in a long-term relationship, in a steady job, in the same house or the same town, for at least few years, is the transformative experience.

You need to understand your tendencies, you need to know your internal forces, and then to conclude your specific lesson. For each of us it’s a different story.  

This solar eclipse, think about your story:

  • Do you tend to rock the boat every time things get too boring? Or do you hold the boat for dear life, afraid to explore new shores and lands?
  • What steps do you need to take to get closer to the side that’s more challenging for you?

On Monday, May 16, the moon enters Sagittarius, strengthening the fire element with some joy and optimism. Uranus will no longer conjunct the sun and that might feel like a relief.

On Wednesday, May 18, the moon moves to Capricorn and emphasizes the earth element. It will be a good time to focus on work and to take the steps you decided on during the lunar eclipse.

On Friday, May 20, the moon enters Aquarius, and the sun enters Gemini. Goodbye earth, hello air. Sun in Gemini is here to connect us. Geminis are communicators, friends, and teachers. For a Gemini it’s all about the people in her life. It’s all about the ability to communicate herself.

It’s funny how almost always when the sun is in Gemini, Mercury also retrogrades. Mercury rules Gemini. It’s like our communication was meant to be challenged when it is supposed to be at its prime. The high and the low always live side by side, the enlightened and the samsaric are two states of consciousness that we have to hold together. One knows that everything is exactly as it should be, and one experiences the challenges and difficulties of this world. When you get carried away with one, always remember the other. Just like with comfort and transformation. There are always two sides of the same coin.

Have a wonderful week,

With love,

Yours truly,

Gemini Sun 🙂 

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