Pluto Conjuncts Sun in Aquarius – Go Deep with Your Weirdness, Dance Like Wednesday

January 21, 2023

How I love Aquarius! Not only that it’s the sign that rules Astrology, it’s also the sign of being weird, and I LOVE weird.

It’s so funny how we all try to act normal. Inside of ourselves we all have our own unique quirks. Why do we try so hard to hide them?

I feel my weirdness especially when I am one panelist of many on zoom. In this setting I am always self-conscious to not talk too much, because my sun in Gemini can talk. My Jupiter in Aquarius asks me to give equal rights to everyone. I want everyone to get their turn and speak up.

With these thoughts in mind, I tend to rush myself when I talk. As a result, I feel that I am not clear enough, or I that don’t say what I really wanted to say. I walk out of the session with a weird icky feeling of awkwardness.

Aquarians always feel weird.

The high road of Aquarius is to feel good about being weird and to celebrate its uniqueness. They know that feeling weird is the most normal thing. In fact, if you don’t feel weird, ask yourself, “what’s wrong with me?”

The famous scene of Wednesday Adams dancing, on Tim Burton’s brilliant Netflix show, is a masterpiece, because it inspires us to be our own weird selves.

Wednesday is the weirdest of weirdos, and she loves being this way. She does not care to be liked, as long as she is true to herself.

If we were to create Wednesday’s chart, it would be a strong combination of Scorpio and Aquarius. The weird, eccentric gothic. This is exactly what we get this week when the sun in Aquarius conjuncts Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio. You might feel the depth of weirdness, the intensity of quirkiness. 

It’s not surprising the Tim Burton’s midheaven is in Aquarius. He is such a unique, creative, and inspirational artist that there is a whole artistic style named after him, Burtonesque.

The low road of Aquarius is to feel bad about your weirdness. To feel that something is wrong with you. That everyone else has it all together and you don’t.

Aquarians are curious. They are like aliens who came from a different planet. They try to understand what it means to be a human from the point of view of an outsider.

The high road of Aquarius is feeling a sense of awe. They see the world with the eyes of a child who wants to know everything about everything.

There is a very interesting article in the NY Times, which refers to the book Awe: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How It Can Transform Your Life, by Dr. Dacher Keltner.

“Dr. Keltner writes that awe is critical to our well-being — just like joy, contentment‌ and love. His research suggests it has tremendous health benefits that include calming down our nervous system and triggering the release of oxytocin, the ‘love’ hormone that promotes trust and bonding.”

Since I moved to Asheville, I feel at awe every time we go to nature. I look with wonder at every dry leaf, pinecone, new bud, mushroom, patch of moss and broken tree trunk. I rejoice with the way the light plays with the shades of the forest.

I love to see the ever-changing sceneries. I can walk the same trail over and over again and I never get bored with it, because it’s always new. Sometimes it’s muddy and wet, sometimes it’s full of icicles, and sometimes it’s full of colorful flowers. Regardless, it always feels like wonderland.

The Israeli poet, author, journalist and women’s right activist, Dr. Maya Tevet Dayan, wrote today that she did not know that beauty could heal, until she experienced it.

When you are surrounded with beauty, you feel at awe, and a sense of awe is healing.

My wounds, my pain, my broken records. They all stand still when they feel at awe with the beauty of the Appalachian nature.

I try to convey my wonder in the pictures I take and post on social media every week. I hope you enjoy them.

The low road of Aquarian curiosity is empty criticism. They see everything that’s wrong but do nothing to fix it.

We can’t constantly live out of a sense of awe. There are awful things happening in the world at any given time. Right now, there is the war between Russia and Ukraine, the victory of right-wing racism and religious extremity in the recent Israeli elections, and the rise of antisemitism in the world, to name just a few.

Aquarius is here to change these old stories of political wars and power games that completely disregard the needs of the people. Aquarius is here to bring justice, equality, and human rights.

Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give her bus seat to a white person. Her little rebellion inspired the black community to boycott the bus services. It was a catalyst in the revolution that led to granting black people equal rights in the US. Rosa Parks has sun, Mercury, and Uranus in Aquarius in the 1st house!

The world needs a new story. A story that is not right wing or left wing, not liberal and not republican, a story about a world that is for the people.

We need more Tim Burtons, more Wednesdays, more Rosa Parks, more Dacher Keltners and more Maya Tevet Dayans. We need more and more Aquarians.

We can make a few steps towards a more utopian world by:

  • accepting our weirdness,
  • celebrating our individual uniqueness,
  • seeing the world and ourselves with awe,
  • and rebelling against injustice wisely, as I mentioned in my previous post.

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More Detailed Information About This Week’s Astrology:

  • Sunday, January 21, sun, moon, Venus, and Saturn in Aquarius. With Mars in Gemini there are five planets in air element. Sun conjuncts Pluto until Friday. Mars trines Sun until February 11.
  • Monday, January 22, moon enters Pisces.
  • Wednesday, January 25, moon enters Aries, Uranus squares sun until Februery 12.
  • Friday, January 27, moon enters Taurus.

Have a wonderful week,

With love,


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