New Moon in Leo – Be Confident With Your Insecurities

July 23, 2022

The last week felt very intense. I don’t know if you felt it too. It was not necessarily good or bad. It was both. I attribute it to Pluto opposite sun, which will accompany us this week too. The tension has grown when the sun entered Leo, as these are two very strong opposing forces. It requires you to be more alert and mindful of your choices. Don’t rush things this week. Be very deliberate with your actions.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the moon is in Cancer. This will allow a deep emotional connection. Leo does not like to be emotional. It wants to keep things happy and light. Unfortunately, this is not in line with the human experience. Leo needs to learn from Cancer to stay with whatever emotions come up. Cancer needs to learn from Leo to spice life with some fun.

On Thursday the moon enters Leo and there is a new moon in Leo. It would be a wonderful time to work with your insecurities. Why? Leo people seem very confident, but inside, they are not. They need constant validation from the outside. They need to be applauded to feel good about themselves.

Sometimes I look at what I post on social media and think to myself that I am such a cliché. In my mind, I see people I love looking at my posts and say, “here she goes again. Why does she think we need to see her all the time? Why does she think we want to read what she writes? What has she achieved in life that gives her the right to teach us something?”

When we talk about confidence there are few things we need to acknowledge:

1. We are all somewhat insecure. I do not know why we all feel like everyone else has figured it all out, while we don’t. Since I became an astrologer, I get to hear lots of life stories and I can guarantee you, no matter how successful, rich, beautiful, talented, or smart you are, we all feel insecure to some extent.

2. We all need to feel appreciated by the people around us. You need your partner to tell you that you are beautiful. You need your teachers, bosses, clients, and colleagues to give you good feedback. You need your family and friends to tell you that you are wonderful. It is very natural and human. It’s true that once you remove all the layers and connect with your buddha nature, you would not need any external affirmation, but you probably have at least few reincarnations till that happens. Till then, learn to ask for what you need. Don’t create drama, just say it simply. I need you to notice that, to appreciate that, to tell me that.

3. Confidence is a feeling, and like all feelings, it is impermanent. We all have moments of insecurity and moments of confidence. Just like we have moments of joy and moments of pain. When you feel insecure, try to remember the times when you felt confident, and vise versa. This will keep things in balance. Find compassion for your humanness. Building healthy confidence means having less insecurity moments and more confident moments, but insecurity will probably always be a part of our lives.

4. Confidence is not arrogance, and I think this is where most of us get it wrong. We are so afraid to be arrogant, that we stick to our insecurity. Confidence is beautiful. I see my son. Wherever he goes, it is evident that he feels safe in this world. He trusts this world, he trusts his parents, and most importantly, he trusts himself. Healthy confidence is a very natural, pure feeling. When you think about confidence, think about trust. Ask yourself, do I trust myself? Do I trust my decisions? Do I trust my mind? Do I trust my heart? Do I trust the world that it is here to support me? The more you learn to trust, the more confident you are, and there is no arrogance about it. It is a beautiful confidence that you exude.

5. Healthy confidence makes other people around you feel confident too. It inspires them to trust their world, their mind, and their heart.

6. We are a work in progress. You don’t necessarily have to feel confident all the time. It takes work to learn to trust. It took me more than forty-five years. I grew up with the feeling that the world was a horrible place. As a child, I was not nourished emotionally. I coped with a lot of sickness and death around me since a very early age. With time, the frequency of terrible events dropped, and life started smiling at me more often.  I learned that life was not so bad after all. Then I slowly learned to trust the world. The more I did, the better life got. The point is that you don’t need to figure it all out to be able to inspire, to teach, to say meaningful things, to help and to heal. Your voice is important, even more so, when you accept that you are a work in process and haven’t figured it all out. You can still be confident and trust yourself that you are on the right path, that you say what you need to say, that you do what you need to do, that you benefit others with your words and actions.

I know I will probably not unriddle life till the day I die. Even then, I will still have work left for at least another billion reincarnations. But today I allow myself to be confident about myself, with all my insecurities. This is what the new moon in Leo is calling you to do.

Enjoy this fun Leo energy!

Have a wonderful week,


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