New Moon in Gemini – Shape the Stories That Shape Your Life

June 1, 2024

This week was emotionally and mentally challenging. I don’t know if it’s a collective feeling, Saturn square Sun, or what, but everyone around me felt the same. Did you feel it, too?

It is okay to feel sad and challenged. There is nothing wrong with that. There is a lot to be sad about these days. The question is, what happens inside our heads when we are sad? My thoughts can get pretty nasty. I told myself that I was pathetic, that I was defeated, that no one wanted to hear what I had to share, that I was not meant to succeed, and that I should just be happy with the beautiful blessings that I already have and give up on everything that I still don’t. I told myself that I hadn’t evolved, healed, or developed. I am still stuck in the same old places, dealing with the same old wounds, and I am so tired of that.

When I have these moments, days, or even weeks of feeling down like that, it does not matter how fantastic everything truly is or isn’t.

“I do not think this is my story. I don’t believe I deserve to be loved,” a dear friend told me last week.

Our lives are made up of the stories we tell ourselves. Gemini rules these stories. If we tell ourselves a story enough times, it becomes a belief, and beliefs are the realm of Sagittarius.

We are in Gemini season, approaching the New Moon in Gemini this coming Thursday, June 6. Gemini season is when we want to watch our thoughts to discern which thoughts we want to turn into beliefs and which we don’t.  

I do not believe in positive thinking. We can tell ourselves that we are positive about something, but if our psychology, emotions, and beliefs don’t support it, our positive thoughts will feel like lying to ourselves. For example, if I were conditioned to believe that I was not lovable, forcing myself to think I was lovable would only emphasize the gap between my forced thoughts and my feelings, beliefs, and psychology. It will make me feel hopeless about not being able to feel lovable.

Our thoughts constitute stories that turn into beliefs that shape our lives.

How likely will you find love if you believe you are not lovable? There is always a chance, but it is scientifically proven that our beliefs shape our reality. In another post, I quoted Dr. Becca Levy, who proved that our aging beliefs can add or take about eight years to our lives.

Gemini is a social sign. During Gemini season, we want to connect with friends, have stimulating conversations, and communicate ourselves with the world. But Gemini is the sign of mind and thoughts. The magic and shadow of Gemini start inside our heads. The shadow is that Gemini’s self-talk can sound much like what I described at the beginning of this post. The magic is that we can modify these thoughts to support us better.

We want to ensure that our gremlins, as my teacher Debra Silverman calls our whirl of unconstructive thoughts, don’t turn into beliefs that shape our lives. Here are three steps to do that.

The first thing we can do is listen and acknowledge. For example, if I hear my mind telling me that I am pathetic, I can tell myself, “I’ve just thought that I am pathetic.” I do not judge it; I recognize the fact.

The second thing I do is close my eyes, put my hands on my heart, and feel the pain that generated the thought that I am pathetic. I asked myself, where do I feel this pain? Is it hot or cold? Is it contracting or expanding? Is it sharp or dull? I try to describe it like I would to a physician. This allows me to process the undercurrent pain.

The third thing I do is remind myself that my thoughts do not necessarily reflect my reality. Yes, I am stuck in some senses, but I am not in many others. Some wounds have healed, while some still need tending. Some people don’t want to listen to me, and some do. I might be pathetic in some respects, and that is okay. I embrace my patheticness wholeheartedly. But I also remind myself that other sides of me are amazing, wonderful, wise, and incredible and that I should not forget that.

This is the beauty of Gemini, the beauty of our mind. We are a walking contradiction. We are both pathetic and amazing, making us such magical creatures, but somehow, we tend to cling to the less flattering side of the equation. This is why we always have to remind ourselves that the less flattering side is cute, and the flattering side is also there.

This week of the New Moon in Gemini is an excellent opportunity to work with your gremlins. I’d love to hear if my suggestions worked well for you and if you have any other ideas or suggestions.

Happy New Moon,

Much love,


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