New Moon in Gemini – Brining Balance to Mind, Body, and Friendships 

May 29, 2022

A Gemini always has something to say, but during this mercury retrograde period, I find myself quiet. I feel so much is going on inwardly and things need to be processed before they can come out to the world. This is exactly the great thing and the challenging thing about mercury retrograde; it allows you to connect with something deeper, but you can’t necessarily communicate it yet.

When I talk less, I listen more. The Hindu good Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, has a small mouth and huge ears, to represent the desirable ratio between how much we should talk and how much we should listen.

Today, Sunday May 29, the moon enters Gemini, and tomorrow there will be a new moon in Gemini. New moons are always about going inwards and learning something about yourself. Even though Geminis are very social, they live inwardly, inside their heads. But honestly, we all do. Your world is made of your threads of thoughts.

The biggest lesson of a Gemini new moon is to learn to observe the subjective mind. You can work with your present conflicts and ask – is there another way to look at this or think about it? There is always another way.

Even better, leave the mind behind and go to your body. Ask – how does my body feel about this conflict? What are the physical sensations that it brings? When you move to your body, it takes you away from your head.

The mind is a wonderous machine that generates brilliant ideas, but it also produces illusions, worries, doubts, and fears, based on your conditioning. Your body is also conditioned but much less. Usually, your body tells you the truth. It is usually hard to listen to the body because of the mind’s noise. On this new moon, quiet this noise by connecting to your body.

Another thing to pay attention to on this new moon is your friendships. Are you attentive to your friends’ needs? Do you listen to them? Do you get what you need from these friendships? Do they have a give and take balance? If the answer is no, then plan to talk about it. The whole purpose of friendships is to support each other. If this is not happening, something has to be changed.

Speaking of friends, yesterday I met four amazing women. We all took a yoga teacher training together 12 years ago. In our meeting, each told her story. What was she happy about, what was resolved, what was a struggle. It was as if we met only yesterday. Some bonds are so strong, time is not a factor. Life is so hectic and demanding for all of us; we tend to leave behind precious connections. Maybe it is the right timing for renewing an old friendship?

When the moon enters Cancer on Wednesday, June 1, it will be a great time to do all these new moon suggestions. Cancer’s energy is like a cure for Geminis. It is naturally less in the mind and more in the body, it is more stable and less hectic. Enjoy connecting with your heart on Wednesday and Thursday.  

On Friday, June 3, Mercury goes direct, and the moon enters Leo. We can finally celebrate the Gemini energy properly. Go to a party, have fun, connect with people, start articulating your inner processes. It will feel so good!

Wishing you a wonderful week,

With love,


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