New Moon & Solar Eclipse In Sag

How Did My Beliefs Prevented My Joy

December 4, 2021

For years I believed that children should only come to the world naturally. I believed that egg donations and IVFs are industrial processes that go against nature.

Then I got pregnant naturally and had a miscarriage. The doctors told me I had a fibroid that had to be removed with a surgery. I refused. I was willing to do anything just the natural way. I went to Chinese and Ayurvedic doctors, I did a six-day water-fasting! Nothing helped.

Eventually, I realized that if I wanted a child I needed to have surgery.

After the surgery I got pregnant twice again, and had two more miscarriages. 

I realized I would never be able to keep a pregnancy. But I wanted a child more than ever. I understood I had to let go of my belief about egg donation. It was not easy but I did it. Then the biggest miracle of my life happened – few days before I was about to close with a donor, I found out that I was pregnant! This pregnancy led to Eden’s birth. 

Sometimes our beliefes cause us suffering or prevent our happiness. Today is a new moon and a solar eclipse in Sagittarius, a time to examine how your set of perceptions and beliefs does not support your happiness. How can you change it to bring joy to your life? 

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