Mercury Retrograde and Pluto Trine Sun – Get Real and Deep with Right Brain Thinking 

May 9, 2022

If you are sensitive, it is most likely that you are synchronized with the universe. You sense what’s going on in the heavens. When you read my updates, you just sigh with relief – oh that’s why I felt this way the whole week!

I am quite sure that when you learn that last week we experienced the pre shadow phase of Mercury retrograde, you will probably tell yourself – I knew something was off!

Mercury will start retrograding tomorrow, May 10 and will go direct on June 3.

How Will This Mercury Retrograde Affect You?

When Mercury retrogrades, it means that from earth it looks like it goes backwards, but it actually does not. It just goes slower.

Mercury influences your thinking and communication. These are two aspects that become more challenging during Mercury retrograde. The pre shadow and post shadow phases which come before and after the retrograde have a similar effect but not the same magnitude.

When Mercury retrogrades in Gemini, you might feel overly distracted. Your mind will want to go all over the place, and it will be hard to focus. Communication with others might be more challenging. You might feel like you can’t get your message through, can’t find the right words to say what you want, or have a hard time understanding others.

When Mercury enters Taurus, on May 21, you might find it harder to evaluate things right, or you might experience annoying last-minute changes, which is what Taurus hates the most.

What Else is Happening This Week?

Uranus still conjuncts the sun. This adds the expect-the-unexpected element. Saturn still square the sun and challenges our ability to discipline and organize.

But please don’t discourage! Starting from today, May 9, Pluto comes to your aid with a trine to the sun that will stay till May 28. When Pluto trine the sun it gives you the power to deal with just about anything. You have the power to heal, you have the power to see the psychology of things and to get down to the root of our problems. You might not be able to communicate what you understand until Mercury goes direct, but if you use this influence right, you can reach important insights about your life during this time.

And this is something that Mercury retrograde is really good for. Mercury is responsible for your left brain thinking. When your left brain is a little dysfunctional, it forces you to go into your right brain thinking, which is your meditative, creative, insightful mindset. It helps you connect with your subconscious.

If you come to think about it, your analytical mind stands in your way so often, with its worries, guilt, self-criticism, and the repetitive stories it keeps telling you. This combination of Pluto trine sun and Mercury retrograde can help you sneak behind its back and open a doorway to something that is more real and deep in your life experience and perception.   

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

On Sunday, May 15, there will be the first lunar eclipse of 2022 and the second eclipse of the year, after the solar eclipse of April 30. This can be a very meaningful time of understanding your needs and wants and finding balance between transformation and stability. Read more about this eclipse season here

Wishing you a wonderful week,

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