Mars Retrograde & Strong Scorpio – If Your Orgasms Don’t Make You Laugh or Cry, They Are Not Strong Enough

October 29, 2022

This week, the sun, Venus, and Mercury are all in Scorpio. Throughout the week, we have five or six planets in water.

With that, except for Friday and Saturday, when the moon is in Aries, there are no planets in fire. On top of that, Mars starts retrograding on Sunday, Oct 30. I will elaborate on this later in this post.

Last week the water-fire situation was somewhat similar. My five years old son, Eden, was sick all week with a heavy cough that made me shrink with pain every time I heard it. He did not sleep well, which meant I did not sleep well. My perimenopause symptoms were bothering me more than usual and made my lack of sleep even more challenging.

On Wednesday morning, a day after the eclipse, I decided to go to my usual yoga class, despite my fatigue and exhaustion. During class I felt weak, heavy, and miserable. I was in so much pain, physically and emotionally, I felt like I could not take it anymore.

I knew that the moon was going to move to Sagittarius the next day, and that I would feel much better then, but I wanted to find a way to feel better where I was.

We reached the point in class where our teacher gave us the option to do a headstand or to stay in child-pose. My first thought was that I needed to take things easy and not challenge myself with a headstand. But then I realized that in the midst of this misery, I needed to feel strong and powerful.

I did the best headstand I had in a long time. I could take my legs down to 90 degrees and bring them up again, something I am rarely able to do nowadays. I felt like a rocket, ready to launch myself to the sky.

I still cried during Shavasana. I still felt overwhelmed by the intensity of everything. But I also felt that in me there was something greater than the discomfort of the passing influences I experienced.

This is the key to learning to work with Scorpio energy. When it feels too much, like you can’t take it anymore, learn to stay with it. You have to find your power inside of it. Because this is the whole purpose of Scorpio. All the challenges it presents are here to help us find our power.

Scorpio seeks a deep and meaningful life experience, and for this, you need to be powerful.

I am currently in my Scorpio cycle, meaning my progressed moon* is in Scorpio. This sentence came to me during this time. It is the essence of Scorpio:

If your orgasms do not make you laugh or cry, they are not strong enough.

If your life does not make you laugh or cry, you are not alive enough.

Scorpio wants to live in an intensity of an orgasm, but not just a regular orgasm. One that is so strong, that it makes you release everything. It is pleasure and pain and everything in between. To live life as a Scorpio is to be fully awake. 

Before Pluto was found, Scorpio was ruled by Mars. Pluto is the higher octave of Mars. When Mars wants something, it immediately goes and tries to get it. If Mars hears ‘no’, he might become aggressive, he might go to war, or he might forget about it and find something else to chase.

When Pluto wants something, she makes a strategic plan on how to get it. She is focused and determined. Mars is impatient. Pluto has endless reincarnations to work towards achieving her goal. She is not afraid of hard work and there is no way she won’t get what she wants, even if it takes her more than one lifetime.

Mars retrogrades about every two years. This time it retrogrades in Gemini from October 30, 2022, to January 12, 2023.

Mars is the planet of action, energy, initiation, assertiveness, and sexuality. When Mars retrogrades, you might feel more passive than usual. Your energy might be low. There can also be a higher tendency to outbursts with anger, especially if you are usually not great with expressing your anger.

During this time, it is important to carefully choose your projects and struggles. Make sure you do not exhaust yourself.

Saturn will square the sun from Tuesday Nov 1 till Sunday November 20. This will require us to be more organized and disciplined to not feel stuck or limited. Luckily, Scorpio is the most focused, disciplined, and organized sign in the zodiac. It can certainly help us with this challenge.

This week would be a good time to ask yourself:

  • What is my tendency during a time with lots of water and no fire. Do I run away from the emotional heaviness? Do I manage to find my strength through it?
  • How alive do I feel? If I don’t feel alive enough, how can I change it?
  • Do I manage to be determined and stay on track with my goals even when I feel less energetic or too emotional?

I wish you a deep, meaningful week,

Happy Halloween,

With love



* The Progressed Moon changes a sign every two and a half years. It does not change your birth chart but gives a temporary periodic emphasis and an opportunity to learn to work with the energies of all zodiac signs.

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