Last Week of Capricorn & New Moon in Aquarius – Are You Rebellious Enough? 

January 14, 2023

Have you all felt it when Mars went direct on Thursday? What a relief. The post shadow of this retrograde will be felt till March 15. It will be a weaker version of the retrograde, but not as nearly as strong as the real thing.

Mercury will go direct on Wednesday, January 18. The post shadow of this retrograde will last until February 7.

This is the last week of Capricorn season. On Friday, January 20, the sun will enter Aquarius, and on Saturday, January 21, the moon will join the sun in Aquarius, and we will celebrate a New Snow Moon in Aquarius.

When we transition between the signs, we need to see how we can integrate both of their qualities in our lives.

Capricorn and Aquarius are in the spotlight these last three years, as Saturn, which rules Capricorn, spent this time in Aquarius. This March, Saturn will move into Pisces, and Pluto will start transiting from Capricorn to Aquarius, keeping these two signs at the center stage of the heavens.

Capricorn is the sign of structure and discipline, excellence and organization, high standards and ambition, seriousness and responsibility, work and career, social status and reputation.

Aquarius is the sign of eccentricity and uniqueness, of freedom and rebelliousness, of humanitarianism and altruism, of brilliance and science, of futurism and advancement.

You might think that Capricorn and Aquarius are as different as night and day, but this is actually not true. Did you know that before Uranus was discovered, in 1781, Saturn was the official ruler of Aquarius?

How can rebellious, free-spirited Aquarius and appropriate, responsible Capricorn be ruled by the same planet?

I heard somewhere that Saturn must co-rule Aquarius, because if Uranus were the sole ruler of Aquarius, it would be a totally crazy sign 🙂 

Uranus has an unpredictable, unstable, shocking, and weird quality, but this is only part of Aquarius’ story. Aquarius is also a fixed sign. It means that inside of all the freedom and fluctuation, there is also some stability and steadiness.

Aquariuses are fixed about being true to themselves.  

Astrology is ruled by Aquarius. Even though astrology is not recognized as a science, it is a science. It involves reading the locations of the planets at the time of birth, understanding the relationships between them, analyzing plenty of information and synthesizing it into clear and simple guidance.

Astrology involves Uranus qualities such as esoteric knowledge, a spiritual perception of reality, and intuition. But it also requires great analytical abilities and structural understanding, which are related to Saturn.

My son Eden has a strong Aquarian influence with Uranus on his rising at the same degree. He is in kindergarten now. It is the first year of his life when he is asked to learn academics, and he hates it. All he wants is to play.

One of his games is about planning to take over the school with his school mates, and turn it into a place of fun and games. Here is rebellious Aquarius for you.

When I talked about it with my dear sister-in-law, Melanie, she said that a lot of the kids who are good at school grow up to be people pleasers. I know it too well because I was one of them. Eden does not have that. He is so connected to his core, to what he really wants and loves. He does not try to please anyone, not even us. And that is a wonderful thing.

We all make compromises in life. We do things that are not comfortable or favorable, but we know they are the right thing to do. Just like Eden. Even though he hates academics, he knows that it is important for him to learn.

I told him that I could not care less if he knows how to read, write, or calculate at this stage of his life. Nevertheless, he does make an effort to be good at it, out of his own will.

This is the key of working with Aquarian people. Everything they do has to come out of their own heart’s desire. Give them freedom and the right support, encouragement, and guidance, and they will do what’s best for them and the world at large.

David Bowie was a rebel, with Aquarius rising, and sun, Mercury, and Mars in Capricorn. Rebel, rebel, I love you so! I write these words and I want to put this song out load and dance like crazy. This is what rebelliousness does to us. It brings out our sexiness, it sets us free, it connects us to our inner child and our inner self.

This new moon will be a good time to ask yourself:

  • To what extent am I true to myself?
  • To what extent am I true to my path?
  • How much of what I do comes out of wanting to please others, and not out of my own heart’s desire?
  • Do I ever rebel against the system? Does it serve me well?

The lesson of Aquarius is that rebelliousness is a good thing, if you do it wisely, which means:

  • you do it with Capricorn’s wisdom, with respect and understanding of the system,
  • you don’t bang your head on the wall,
  • and most importantly, you do it out of a deep connection to your true self, and not for the sake of rebelliousness.

Pluto will still conjunct the sun throughout this week. It will keep adding depth and intensity to everything that’s going on in our lives.

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Wishing you a wonderful week,

With love,


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