How to Bring Harmony and Peace Without Falling into Pleasing and Idealism

October 1, 2022

This week starts with Mercury goes direct on Sunday, October 2.

If this retrograde was challenging, you can breathe a sigh of relief. I must admit that this retrograde was the easiest I’ve ever had. Maybe it’s because I was willing to slow down and accept it, rather than fight it. I allowed myself to be more creative and less rational and analytical.

Throughout this week, Venus and the sun hold hands in Libra.

Libra is the sign of peace, harmony, love, and beauty. That sounds so perfect, but exactly because of that many Libras, as well as others who aim for the same goals, have two strong tendencies that don’t necessarily serve them well.

The first one is pleasing.

Libra seeks harmony. They hate it when people don’t get along. While they love arguing for the sake of fun, they hate fighting. This is why they tend to be pleasers. If the other person wants something different than they do, they will tend to go with the flow.

Since they have the amazing ability to see things from all different angles, they can find the good in anything. “Why to make a big deal out of what I want?” A Libra would think. “His choice is as good as mine.” And they honestly believe so.

But sometimes, the other’s choice can be hurtful. Sometimes it causes a Libra to go against her true self, just to be okay and keep the harmony flowing. If you are used to always saying yes, it is hard to draw the line and see when you compromise yourself too much. 

My IC* is in Libra. This means that at home, I tend to be a Libra. I used to be a pleaser. Even now, when I am aware of it, I sometimes find it hard to speak my truth and say how I feel.

For example, a few days ago, I told my husband I wanted to take a course of mystical studies. My husband thought that the course did not have anything valuable to teach me and derided the teacher by saying she was just trying to make money off of me. I got upset but did not want to start an argument over it, while inside, I felt anger growing.

I felt that my husband’s response was disrespectful. It showed me that he did not appreciate my intelligence and wisdom. He did not trust my judgement in choosing the right teachers.

I was very grateful when my husband brought the subject up later. He admitted that he felt his response was not supportive. We talked about it and processed it. He eventually understood me, and I could make my decision without it being influenced by my anger at him. 

The more you become aware of your tendency to please, the more you are present and tuned with your heart and your soul, the easier it becomes to be more authentic and less pleasing.

Another issue that many Libras deal with is idealism.

They want things to work perfectly. They want everyone to be happy. But life is not always harmonious, beautiful, happy, and peaceful.

When reality does not match Libra’s expectations, Libra prefers to ignore the gap. They hate to feel anything they define as “negative emotions”. They run away from hatred, anger, jealousy, frustration, and pain.

But these feelings are an essential part of the human experience. No one can avoid them. Not even a Libra.

“In Vajrayana Buddhism it is said that wisdom is inherent in emotions. When we struggle against our energy we reject the source of wisdom.” ~Pema Chodron

The lesson for Libras, and probably for all of us, is to learn to accept our human experience as it is. Not to push away or run away from emotions we judge as negative, but to embrace them.

I feel that for Libras it is sometimes even harder to accept the harsh truth of reality. It’s like they came here from a perfect dimension, and they never reconcile with the fact that life on Earth is more complicated than what they had gotten used to.

As the moon moves this week through the last three signs of the Zodiac, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, we are asked to bring some Libra harmony into the world.

The last four signs of the Zodiac are called transpersonal. They deal with the relationship of the self with the universe. They are all here to be in service to humanity.

When they fulfill their purpose, Libras bring something from their perfect dimension to our world. They make this world more balanced, just, harmonious, peaceful, and beautiful.

They just always need to remember to accept and embrace what is not ideal and cannot be changed. 

As Mercury goes direct, sweet Venus dances with the sun, and Mars and Saturn trine the sun and enforce us with energy and discipline, everything might indeed feel a little more perfect this week. 

Have a wonderful week,

With love,


*IC or Imum Coeli, meaning in Latin “Bottom of the Sky”, is one of four cardinal points in a birth chart. It is opposite the MC, or Midheaven, which represents career and public persona. The IC represent our childhood and home life.

Next Sunday, October 9, 9:15 PT, 12:15 EST. I will be talking in the World of Writers online summit on how to understand the purpose of your writing through astrology. Please join me.

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