Full Moon in Sagittarius – Can You be Free and Stay Connected With Your Tribe? 

June 12, 2022

I did not write an update last week. I did not think my visit to Tel Aviv would be so busy, intense, and hectic as it was. As a Gemini, the most important and meaningful thing about this visit was seeing my friends. I call them my tribe. Some I know for 40 years, some I only met recently.

These amazing people are a significant part of my life. Choosing to live away from them was not an easy decision. I had to gather all my Sagittarius energies to do so. Today’s technology allows me to keep in touch, some of my overseas friendships got stronger since I moved to the US, but still, there is nothing like meeting in person.

This conflict of wanting to be connected to your tribe while wanting to move away and live the vastness of our world, is a major part of the conversation presented by the coming full moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday, June 14.

Gemini & Sagittarius Similarities

Sagittarius and Gemini are both lighthearted. They both like to travel and meet new people. They are both eternal students, teachers, and writers. They both need endless intellectual stimulation. They love to learn and form their philosophical life perceptions and beliefs.

Connectedness Vs. Freedom & Dream Fulfillment

But while Geminis are very engaged with their tribe, Sagittariuses are free spirited; they live to fulfill their dreams. There is a famous song in Hebrew saying that being free also means being alone. this is true for many Sagittariuses. They live out there, in the big wide world. They know many people, but they rarely develop intimacy with anyone.

Geminis do not specialize in intimacy either. Gemini is an air sign, so unless they have strong water in their chart, their intimacy is mainly intellectual. But Geminis need to be in touch with their family and friends on an ongoing basis. They can’t just roam around; they need to have a homebase.

Truth Vs. Sensitivity

While Geminis are excellent communicators and know to say what they want in a way that is well received by others, Sagittariuses just don’t care. They say their truth bluntly, and that often gets them into trouble.

Inner Knowing Vs. External Information

Another major difference is that Sagittariuses trust their instincts and intuition more than the information they consume. Geminis make decisions based on external information, and since there are so many conflictive opinions out there, it is more challenging for them to make up their mind.

What Do Geminis Need to Learn from Sagittariuses?

Geminis need to learn from Sagittariuses about optimism, seeing the big picture and following their dreams. They can really waste their life drinking coffee with friends or getting too involved in their extended family matters. They also need to learn to trust their intuition and be more decisive.

What Do Sagittariuses Need to Learn from Geminis?

Sagittariuses need to learn from Geminis to be more tactful when they communicate their truth with others and to be more engaged with the people they love. They are so good in being philosophical, rational, and optimistic, but they run away whenever things get heavy. Every person, every relationship, goes through heavy stuff. While Geminis don’t like heaviness too, they value their friendships so much that they are willing to stick to their friends when the water gets rough.

This Week Ask Yourself:

  • How involved and committed are you with your tribe?
  • Does your tribe support your dream fulfilment, or does it hold you back?
  • How free do you feel you are? How dependent are you on your friends and family?
  • How often do you get in trouble for saying your truth? Too much or not enough?

The key is always to find the middle path in these conversations of truth vs sensitivity, connectedness vs freedom and dream fulfilment, inner knowing vs external information.

Happy Full Moon and a wonderful week,

With love,


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