From Sweet Cancer to Dramatic Leo – Don’t be Afraid to Shine, But Stay Close to Your Heart

July 16, 2022

The week starts with sun in Cancer and moon in Pisces. Five planets in water! Today my family and I went to one of our favorite waterfalls. It was a beautiful day, when suddenly it started pouring. We didn’t have raincoats or umbrellas. We hiked back to our car, 20 minutes of downpour. At first, we felt uncomfortable, we tried to look for shelters underneath the trees. But eventually we had to surrender. The rain was making us wet and there was no point arguing. There is something so powerful about rain. It brings you to your knees. It reminds you that there are somethings you can’t control. As my feet splashed through the muddy earth, I felt the joy of letting go.

This week the energy goes through water, earth and fire. There is almost no air in the heavens. My son does not have a lot of air in his chart. It might seem weird, as his communication skills are exceptional. Last night he had a bad dream, and he was not willing to tell us about it. When we entered the forest on our hike today, I explained him how important it was to communicate his bad dreams with us. With our guidance and questions, he slowly opened up to share his fears. He was so relieved once he did.

When you keep your darkness inside, it burdens you. Air is not just being able to communicate well, it is the ability to communicate things that make you feel uncomfortable. This week, make sure you air things out. Talk about your fears, your pain and your bad dreams.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the moon, Mars and Uranus are in Taurus. With Sun and Venus in Cancer, it will be a sweet combination of staying home with family and enjoying good food, just before the sun enters Leo on Friday and the energy changes dramatically.

Yes! Dramatically. Leo is a very dramatic sign. When the sun enters Leo, it’s like a rockstar entering the stage. The crowd screams with excitement as she plucks the strings of her electric guitar.

After soft, cozy, emotional, sweet Cancer, we move into the electrifying, passionate, assertive, entertaining and dramatic energy of Leo. Even the shyest people among us have a rockstar buried inside of them. We all have some aspirations to shine. Not all of us want to be center stage in public, though. Some of us want to shine at home, and some at work.

Today, in a world ruled by social media, more and more of us are looking to stand out in the way we express ourselves. There is more pressure to be in the spotlights than ever.

I know so many yoga teachers, therapist and artists who are extraordinarily talented, but who also find it hard to constantly promote themselves.

Spiritual people, especially, find it hard. In the spiritual world, it is popular to believe that the desire to shine is superficial. That we should stay modest and humble. Well, if you have a strong Leo in your chart, especially if your Saturn, north node, rising sign or midheaven are in Leo, you are here to lead, you are here to make an impression, you are here to glow. If you deny this from yourself, you compromise your true self. You won’t be able to fulfill your purpose as long as you don’t let yourself be you.  

There is absolutely nothing superficial about being your true self! If deep inside you wish to be in the limelight, be authentic about it. To my opinion, not being authentic is the most non-spiritual thing there is. Remember to stay connected to your heart, to be sensitive to others, to use your leadership for good purposes, to be in service for humanity. Don’t be afraid to touch the pain. That’s the challenge for Leos. If you remember to do all these, your brilliance will be enlightening for all.

Have a wonderful week,

With love,


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