Find your Innocence and Let Your Soul Move Your Life Force – Weekly Update

April 5, 2022

We started the week with sun and Mercury in Aries, moon in Taurus, and Mars, Venus and Saturn in Aquarius.

On April 1 we had a new moon in Aries. For me it was a very special day. I’ve become a Certified Astrologer by my teacher, Debra Silverman. It took me two and a half years since I completed my astrology studies. It was a long process of submitting my readings for review and having Debra herself present in two of my readings. It took a lot of learning, dedication, patience, and endurance. I am so honored to be a part of an amazing team of wonderful, wise, and experienced astrologers.

My midheaven is in Aries, so when I want something, I go and I get it. We are in Aries season. It is time to be bold, it is time to take risks, it is time to go after what you want with an innocent belief that you should get what you want.

Today I know that I was the reason for not fulfilling some big dreams that I had in the past. It was not because I did not make the effort. I did. But nothing works if you don’t truly believe that you deserve to have what you want. I placed my goals out of my reach. I’ve made them unattainable.

Aries is compared with the Tarot card of The Fool, who initiates the Tarot’s journey. Aries is the initiator of the astrological evolutionary path. Fool does not mean stupid. It means innocent, like a child. Children believe they should get what they want. If they don’t get what they want enough times, they stop believing. We are those children. Aries asks us to bring back our innate innocence. Your dreams can come true. Ignite your fire and go get them.

On April 4 the moon enters Gemini and will stay there till April 6. We feel the joy of air and fire dancing together. Our communication abilities are enhanced. We can talk about our ideas, about our passions.

On April 5 Venus enters Pisces and on April 7, the moon enters Cancer. So, even though this is Aries season, there will be a lot of water in the heavens. Water might put out the fire. It will be a good opportunity to see how to work these two forces together, because we do need both.

Fire represents your life force; water represents your soul. Neither one can exist without the other. Without life force, the soul just wanders around in the clouds. Without water, life moves forward with no true deep meaning. You want your life force (fire) to be motivated by the soul (water).

People who have lots of water and not enough fire, can sometimes lose their life force. They sink into depression; they drown in their water. People with too much fire and no water, can be insensitive bulldozers. They might appear as successful, but at the end of the day, they feel empty and lonely. Take these days when the moon is in Cancer to find balance.  

The truth is, you won’t get much choice, since on April 8, the sun enters a square with Pluto, the watery, fiery planet. It forces you to go deep into your soul and find our life force within.

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Have a wonderful week,

With love



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