Weekly Update – Jupiter Conjuncts Sun, Take a Big Jupiterian Laugh

February 19, 2022

On Friday night I set with my husband in our living room. There was nothing special about that. Our son Eden just fell asleep, and we were having our weekly date. But there was something unusual about this day, because at a certain point I started laughing. At first, I did not know why I was laughing, the laughter just burst out of me like lava flowing out of an erupting volcano. It was coming from deep inside of me, it was so pleasant and joyful, that it made me laugh even more.

Then I realized why I was laughing. I laughed about all the dramas that occupied me in the last months. I laughed about Venus and Mercury retrogrades that drove me nuts. I laughed about Saturn conjuncts sun that was finally over. I felt so light, so much at ease. The moon was in Libra, the atmosphere was sweet and harmonious. Mars and Venus threw confetti in the air. Suddenly everything made so much sense. All the worries and trouble seemed like an illusion I created with my own mind.

Surely this is not the case. I have real troubles. It is just a matter of how I approach my troubles that changes everything. When Saturn conjuncts sun it makes you feel serious about it. It makes you feel disciplined. You need to resolve it. You need to do something about it. Saturn stands at your doorstep, arms crossed. It keeps checking his watch impatiently. But as of today, Feb 20, through Mar 17, we get the complete opposite influence, when Jupiter conjuncts sun in Pisces. Jupiter is the big benevolent planet. It is the planet of good luck and fortune, of philosophical ideas and spirituality. Jupiter says, don’t worry, have a piece of chocolate, go meditate, relax. Jupiter helps you see things from a bigger perspective. You are not caught up in your story. You can feel grateful for your troubles. I have good troubles. I love my troubles. They inspire me, they teach me. Sometimes they torture me, but sometimes I actually enjoy them. Isn’t that a good reason to laugh?

What else is happening this week?

On Feb 21, the moon enters Scorpio and together with sun, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, there will be four planets in water. We haven’t had so much water in a long time. Enjoy this beautiful connection to your emotional world. Sometimes you are afraid to go deep, especially if you are an emotional person. Now Jupiter is there to watch your back, to make sure you don’t drown in your pain. It is a good time to heal old wounds.

On Feb 23, the moon enters Sagittarius. This will increase the Jupiterian influence. You can just have fun, but you can also use these days to grow and evolve through spiritual practices.

On Feb 25, the moon enters Capricorn and can motivate you to get down to business. With Jupiter’s good influence, you won’t be too serious and your efforts will come to fruition.

Please promise me to laugh this week, at least once, wholeheartedly, just laugh about life, about yourself. There is no better medicine than that.

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