Create Your Vision For 2023 – Work with Your Limiting Conditioning & Dream Big

December 10, 2022

While going through last week’s hardships, I asked myself, “What were you thinking when you wrote the last post about fun???”

I wrote that the full moon would bring balance?! I did not even mention Mars retrograde opposite the sun?!

There is no doubt that I was under a heavy Sagittarius influence. When I wrote the post, I thought that Sagittarius-sun will eat Mars-retrograde alive. I was obviously wrong.

Sagittarius people are often accused of mood swings. They are so optimistic that they expect of life more than life can deliver. Then they meet reality and crash down.

The full moon in Gemini was hard. I faced many disappointments. I was sad, angry, and agitated. I did not even know why. Fear came to the surface, with everybody talking about the end of social media as we know it.

I do still think it’s better to be optimistic rather than worried. At least you enjoy things until they get bad. At least you don’t make them bad because you expect them to be bad. At least you don’t waste your time worrying just to find out that there was no reason to worry.

Just like Sagittariuses, I prefer to dream big. It does mean that sometimes I get disappointed.  

I strongly believe that good things come to those who dare to dream.

I would have never become a certified Debra Silverman astrologer, if I did not believe I could be one. I would have never found love, never had a child, never found my place.

As the end of the year comes closer, we are asked to create our vision for the new year.

Dreaming big is risky. You might not get what you want. Your heart might get broken. You might get disappointed. It might hurt. This is why dreaming big requires courage.

You must be brave and honest to say what it is that you really want.

It might not be what you would have wanted to want, or what you are expected to want. Maybe you got hurt so many times that you don’t dare asking for love. Maybe you were always told that you were not good enough, that you don’t dare dreaming of success.

As I am going through my Scorpio progressed-moon cycle, I am forced to work with my deepest wounds. Every time I manage to identify a wound and heal it, I realize there is another wound hiding underneath it.

Thanks to last week’s tension, I had an insight. When I was born, I had a huge dark birthmark on my nose. To my parents, I looked ugly, even a little scary. My mother was embarrassed to walk around with me because people suspected she was hitting me.

Even though I turned from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan, like my grandma used to say, the complexity of my parents’ feelings towards me as a baby, had left a strong mark. It had made me feel unloved. I grew up believing that I did not deserve to be loved. I attracted circumstances that helped me stay in my comfort zone of not being loved.

Many of my clients have a hard time dreaming big. But you usually don’t get more than what you ask for, or what you believe you deserve.

You can’t hocus-pocus your conditioning and make it disappear. But you can work with your wounds, conditioning, and limitations, to slowly set yourself free.

My five years old son was very excited this week, when he thought of something and then it happened. I told him that he discovered the power of the mind.

The mind has limitations. It can’t make us grow wings and fly.

But to some extent, our thoughts do create our reality.

For your 2023 vision, dream big.

Use this Sagittarius energy. The moon will be in Leo Sunday through Tuesday. Sun and moon in fire will ignite some enthusiasm and joy.

Imagine that you meet a genie, a fairy, or a goldfish. You must tell it exactly what you want because it will fulfill your wishes. If you don’t ask right, you’ll get it wrong.

Make a list of everything you want. Be precise and coherent.

Prioritize it. The higher the priority, the more chances it gets.

Venus and Mercury are already in ambitious, practical, Capricorn. When the sun enters Capricorn, on December 21, it will be time to see how to bring your vision into fruition. But now it’s time to create your vision. Ignore the “how” and focus on the “what”.

I want you to think like a successful Hollywood director. The next year of your life is your movie.

How does it start? How do you want it to end? What processes do you want to go through? What do you hope to achieve? Where do you want to succeed and flourish? How much money do you want to make? How loved do you want to feel? How do you want to be loved?

On Wednesday and Thursday, the moon will be in Virgo. It will be a good time to get into the little details of your vision. When the moon will be in Libra, on Friday and Saturday, you can think about your relationship goals and creative aspirations.

Even though Sagittarius is not about working with wounds, its expansive outlook and cheerfulness can help you deal with issues that would be too heavy to deal with otherwise.

Now that I identified yet another wound, I can work with it and heal it. It won’t stand in my way anymore. On the contrary, it will be my jumping board.  

Have a wonderful week,

With love,



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