Connect with Your Lion’s Energy, Become the Leader of Your Life, Everything Else Will Fall into Place 

August 14, 2022

The week starts with four planets in fire and four planets in earth. Fire is creativity and inspiration, joy, and excitement. Earth is responsibility, practicality, making things happen. Fire is the motivation; earth is the performance. This is a great combination to dream big and turn your dreams into reality.

But this earth-fire duo can also result in workaholism, while neglecting your need for emotional nourishment (water) and communication (air).

During last week, I’ve been doing Debra Silverman’s powerful and transformative immersion. In addition, I’ve been taking a writing course with Waylon Lewis at Elephant Academy. I highly recommend both!

It was probably the worst time for me to undergo these meaningful processes, as my son Eden does not have school, and my husband and I negotiate care taking hours. But it was so worth it!

Interesting enough, I met both Debra and Waylon in Boulder, CO. I find that they have few things in common. They are both spiritual in a way that I find relatable. They don’t talk in slogans; they admit the hardships of being a human. They are in service to humanity and work hard to heal our eco system.

They have big dreams, and they’ve worked hard to make their dreams come true. Debra has the biggest astrology school in the world. There were 15,000 participants in the immersion! She is transforming thousands of people’s lives through astrology every single day. Waylon founded, and runs Elephant Journal, the biggest independent mindfulness magazine out there.

Debra and Waylon are game changers. They embody the qualities of fire and earth. The vision and the manifestation. But they could not have done it, without being connected to their emotions or without using their extraordinary communication skills.

To flourish, we need to balance all four elements, fire, air, earth, and water, as Debra explains in her must read book The Missing Element.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the moon will be in Taurus, which means an even stronger earth. There will also be two interesting formations in the sky. One is a grand trine in earth. This means that on these days, it will be easier to be practical, organize, and grounded.

We are in the age of Aquarius, an era of air. We use technology and communication like never before. Our minds are scattered and distracted. It is hard to stay focused. We skim through articles instead of reading them, we read titles instead of content, there is so much going on, so much information, it’s overwhelming. Earth is here to bring us back to what’s important. When earth is strong, we can take our eyes off the screen and feel the ground under our feet. Use this gift this week!

Another interesting thing in the heavens on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, is a yod pointing to the sun in Leo. A yod is quite a rare formation. It is considered to be the finger of the divine. People who have it in their chart came here with a special spiritual assignment.

We all have a purpose, we all came here to do something special, but while we have some flexibility to choose our purpose and how we will obtain it, Yod people feel restless unless they perform their specific assignment.

The yod of this week asks that we combine our work, creativity, and spirituality to stand out and say the truth. Our voiced need to be heard. Our creativity has to be presented on the center stage.

The immersion and writing course did not only give me tools and knowledge. They forced me to work with my self-confidence. Will I ever be one of the influencers interviewed by Debra in her immersion? Will I ever be a good enough writer to publish the book I’ve been dreaming about for ages?

The yod pointing to sun in Leo is asking us to be brave, courageous, and vulnerable. Don’t be afraid to stand out and show your truth.

Success can’t be measured in comparison with others. At the end of the day, it does not matter how many books you’ve published or how many followers you have on Instagram. What matters is whether you feel fulfilled and content about the way you lead your life. I am committed to do my best to help others reach a life of well-being, and to succeed in doing so.

Leo season is almost over. Take advantage of this last week in Leo to connect with the Lion’s energy. The energy of strength, leadership, and determination. Become the leader of your life, everything else will eventually fall into place.

And one last note, registration for the coming semester at Debra’s Applied Astrology school is currently open. I’ll be teaching the scholarship program. Don’t miss out!


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